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16 June 2011

"There is a proven link between electromagnetic fields, cancers and leukemia" - Interview with Professor Dominique Belpomme - Metro France - 10 September 2010

Prof. Dominique Belpomme is President of ARTAC (Association for Research and Treatments against Cancer - http://www.artac.info/ ) and Chairman, ISDE France (International Society of Doctors for the Environment - http://www.isde.fr/ ) - translated from French by Meris Michaels

“There is a proven link between electromagnetic fields, cancers and leukemia”

Why is a cancer specialist interested in the problems of electro-sensitivity and electromagnetic fields?

Because there is a proven link between electromagnetic fields, cancer and leukemia. It is following our pioneering work undertaken with our Swedish colleagues that we perceived an important link to neuro-degenerative diseases, notably Alzheimer’s. The risk of Alzheimer’s, which can appear in young persons from age 45, is, moreover, much greater than the risk of cancer.

Does this affect a lot of people?

Since last year, I have been holding twice-weekly consultations in environmental medicine, seeing between 10-20 sick persons per week. More and more parents are coming to see me for their children who have headaches, memory, concentration and language problems, and dyslexia.

This is a major public health risk. There is in fact a neuro-degenerative pathology probably linked to the opening of the blood-brain barrier from EM waves and/or chemical substances. These troubles can be minor, such as headaches, or much more serious such as the beginning of Alzheimer’s.

What do you do for your patients?

Based on the more than 400 persons who have consulted me, we have established a diagnostic test which rests essentially on a cerebral pulsed echodoppler technique and on blood tests. These permit us to see evidence of an increase in certain stress proteins which translates into the existence of brain pathology.

This concerns sick persons. I can confirm that they are suffering from an electromagnetic field intolerance syndrome. Moreover, we have established treatment to make these symptoms regress.

What does this consist of?

The basis of treatment rests on three elements. First, closing the blood-brain barrier. For this, we use one or several histamine receptor antagonists. Then, stimulating regeneration of astrocytes (brain cells) which have been destroyed by electromagnetic fields. For this, we administer nervous system tonics. Finally, we are initiating a study testing the effect of anti-oxidants.

We are obtaining interesting results, but this does not allow us to prevent a recurrence. Thus, it is necessary to add measures to protect against electromagnetic fields. This implies creation of “white zones”, notably in public establishments and in public transport. We must do as for smoking: forbid Wi-Fi in certain areas, such as libraries. We must also forbid installation of relay antennas near nurseries and schools. These are urgent protective measures to be taken, but are unfortunately not being applied.

What is the reaction of public authorities?

Concrete measures are rare, but I am not losing hope that the Minister of Health would take the bull by the horns. In any case, they will be obliged to, given the growing number of our fellow-citizens who are complaining about electromagnetic fields. The earlier the better. It is true that my discourse goes against financial and economic interests, but one should not sacrifice the well-being of these sick persons for the interests of political and public authorities.

It is in the name of the Hippocratic Oath that I take up the battle because a major public health risk exists. Studies show that from 10 to 50% of the population could be affected by intolerance to electromagnetic fields in the next 25-50 years. We will have to pay the consequences if we do not take precautionary and preventive measures now.

Are your warnings finding an echo in the medical community?

There are many doctors who do not yet recognize this pathology and thus, deny the evidence. But a growing number understand that something is happening and refer sick persons to me. It is they whom we should rely on and that is why I am organizing in April 2011, the Third Colloquium of the Paris Appeal at UNESCO, which will be followed by an intensive course to train professionals in environmental pathologies.

(Note: 300 doctors, researchers and health professionals participated in the colloquium on “Children’s Health and the Environment” and 43 doctors and health professionals attended the course in environmental medicine.)

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