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14 March 2012

Wi-Fi removed from Canadian School - UPDATED 14 March 2012

This communication from Dr. Magda Havas (www.magdahavas.com), the leading Canadian expert and advocate on the health effects of wireless technology, says that several private schools in Canada are either not installing Wi-Fi or removing it.  This trend should extend to public schools and to countries throughout the world in order to protect our children's health. 

UPDATE (14 March 2012:  Watch this recent (21 Feburary 2012) Canadian news video about Wi-Fi .  Adolescent cardiac arrest is becoming a growing phenomenon.  There have been incidences of children as young as 10 years old going into cardiac arrest in schools where Wi-Fi has recently been installed.  The situation has become so common that children are going to school wearing heart monitors.  The video raises a lot of questions about the installation of Wi-Fi in schools.  Europe takes a precautionary approach to the issue.

 (Refer to article, "Parents Raise Concerns about Wireless Technology in Schools",  published in "Mobile Technology, suite 101", 26 octobre 2011)

Wi Fi Removed from Ontario School

A private school in Collingwood, Ontario, has removed Wi-Fi and has installed wired technology. This is excellent news. I wish other schools would follow their lead. I understand that the teachers in the school are grateful as are the parents that their children are NOT going to be exposed to microwave radiation, a possible carcinogen.

I find it fascinating that the public school system is promoting Wi-Fi, refuses to listen to parents, silences teachers, ignores the research, and can't get Wi-Fi installed fast enough, even though many of these schools already have a wired system, so the Wi-Fi is redundant. It seems that they were allotted money for this (money that can't be used for anything else) and every school is following like sheep to the slaughter.

Several private schools, in contrast, are either not installing Wi-Fi or are removing it because of health concerns. I certainly know which school I would want my children to attend. It is a no brainer. I expect these private schools are also teaching their students to think independently, to question authority, to believe in their own convictions and not be led down the garden path. If public schools are teaching independent thinking, they are certainly not walking their talk.

Dr. Magda Havas

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