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06 November 2011

Do Not Carry Your Cell Phone Close to Your Body

Do not carry your cell phone in your pocket.

This includes pants and shirt pockets.  Cell phones should not be carried on your body. They emit harmful electromagnetic radiation, even when switched off.  The length of daily exposure to a cell phone can have an impact on the quantity and quality of human male sperm and can even damage it.  A cell phone kept in a woman’s bra can increase the risk of breast cancer.  Texting with a phone held near your lap may also be damaging to fertility and reproduction.  San Francisco’s Department of Environment has just established an ordinance which obliges stores selling cell phones to put up posters and distribute fact sheets which explain the measures to be taken in order to reduce exposure to microwave radiation emitted by these devices, for one, “Use belt clips and purses to keep distance between your phone and body.”.  This tip is also printed in the safety manual of iPhones.  (See my recent post on the San Francisco ordinance and two articles :  cell phones and sperm count and cell phones in bras.)  

Watch this excellent 4-minute news broadcast from My Fox, Tampa Bay, Florida, "Concern over kids , cell phones and radiation", 2 November 2011 which gives advice for safer cell phone use and expresses concern over children's use of cell phones.

 by Meris Michaels

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