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28 November 2011

Electromagnetic Radiation Education in Schools

This information comes from Israel.  It describes the establishment of an electromagnetic radiation education program in Israeli schools.  In mid-July 2011, 15 speakers gathered at the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, in connection with the “lobby for reasonable cell phone use”.  The aim of the lobby is to “push for better cell phone regulations and laws, create and develop public awareness of the dangers of exposure to radiofrequency/cell phone radiation, limit the use of cell phones by children, include warning about possible health risks on cell phones, make cell phone companies send daily SMS messages with radiation warnings, limit the way in which cell phone companies advertise their products, and develop ways to limit public danger from cell phone radiation.”
Electromagnetic radiation issues being discussed in the Knesset, July 2011
The person who reported on this gathering, editor of the “No Radiation for You” Blog, delivered a presentation on electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).  It was the first time that an EHS person appeared in the Israeli Parliament and that the issue of EHS was addressed. 

Other nations should hold such gatherings in parliament with a view to raising awareness of government authorities of the safer use of cell phones.

An interactive education program for primary schools is being set up in Israel with the goal of reducing exposure of students to electromagnetic radiation.   There is a problem with this:  how can schools have Wi-Fi and at the same time, teach pupils about reducing exposure to the radiation it emits?  Children are being exposed and at the same time being told that they need to change their habits regarding use of this technology.

A pilot program, based on guidelines of the environment ministry and the World Health Organization, was launched in November in the city of Shoham.   The program includes basic knowledge about radiation, sources of radiation in the school environment, radiation measurement devices, and “healthy” habits of using wireless equipment.  The program comprises four one-hour lessons.  Children, through their homework, will play a role in raising awareness of the subject and incorporating precautionary principles into the home and community.

Several days ago, an article was published which said that parents had approached a member of The Knesset, Dr. Nachman Shai, raising the issue that while children are learning to reduce cell phone radiation, they are being exposed to Wi-Fi in schools.  “It is not reasonable to expose children to radiation and at the same time impose responsibility on them to be careful about radiation”. 

Dr. Nachman commented, “Combining wireless networks without an environment and health examination is neglect of the first degree.  It is needed to prevent any distribution of such networks until it will be certain that there is no danger for the teachers and children’s health”. 

The position of the person responsible for health in the education ministry is that there is no study that proves that Wi-Fi harms health and no study that proves the contrary, so the recommendation is to use the technology wisely.

by Meris Michaels

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