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17 November 2011

European Electrosmog Protest

A European Electrosmog Protest took place in Brussels on 16 November 2011.  The protest was organized by 7 EMF advocacy groups in 4 different countries on the occasion of the European Union Conference on Electromagnetic Fields and Health (November 16-17).  No scientist whose research has proven there are harmful health effects of pulsed microwave radiation (below current limits) was invited.  (Thank you to Steven Boone for this information.  See www.petition-electrosmog.be and to sign petition "Less Electrosmog".)

The protest was attended by 50 persons from Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.  The protesters handed a document to every person present at the conference (around 300 persons) containing information on the protest and its demands.

The group made the following 5 demands, based on the precautionary principle to be applied urgently in all European countries:

1.  Limit radio-frequency EMF exposure to that recommended by the Bioinitiative Report: 0.6 V/M
2.  Establish "white zones":  areas where there are no cell phones, Wi-Fi, DECT - in places frequented by children and the elderly (schools, hospitals, churches ...)
3.  Recognize electro-hypersensitivity as a functional impairment
4.  No 4G/LTE/WIMAX transmitter masts or antennas
5.  No "Smart" wireless energy meters

Click here for the document handed to conference participants.

UPDATE:  The International EMF Alliance sent a letter of protest to the organizing committee of
to the EM Fields and Health Conference.  The letter was signed by 315 NGOs from all continents, European Parliament Members from 10 countries, and 52 scientists and medical doctors.  The letter calls for a transparent, impartial and pluralist expert assessment of EM fields and health.

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  1. By way of update 17.06.2012. 188 MEPs have now signed the Written Declaration to recognise Electrosensitivity (MCS/EHS)as a functional medical condition. Swedish parliament have acknowledged that by excluding Electrosensitive people from access to amenities they are acting unlawfully (inaccessibility is discrimination) so parliament has convened.