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07 November 2011

Suffering from Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

There has been a lot of recent media attention given to the two women living in a cave in France due to their hypersensivity to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by waves from wireless communication.

I can sympathize with their suffering.  Only recently have I become aware of my own intolerance of exposure to electro-magnetic fields.  Across the street from the apartment building where I live in Geneva, two rooftop mobile phone antennas were installed in late 2009, and one, two buildings down the street in 2005 - both are GSM and UMTS antennas.  For the last several years, I have been suffering from insomnia and other health problems which diminish and eventually disappear when I am away from Geneva. 

In the town of Rojales in Spain, since 2003 at least 24 persons living in the vicinity of two mobile phone antennas placed on the rooftop of a building have been affected by diseases including breast cancer, abortions, premature births, malformations, chronic renal failure.  Among the 17 families living in the building adjacent to that where the antenna is located, 8 cases of breast cancer have been reported as well as other diseases.  (Refer to this article from Next-Up, translated from Spanish.)

I would highly recommend watching this short 2009 newsclip from BBC World News about electro-sensitive individuals which has been provided by the EMF organization, Next-Up.  It also refers to a questionnaire on electro-sensitvity which the organization is asking as many persons as possible to complete.  I have done so - a very revealing exercise.  This information will be useful for on-going research that will one day help convince health authorities and governments of the existence of the real physical suffering of those of us exposed to the electromagnetic fields emitted by wireless technology.

by Meris Michaels
Click here for the link to the newsclip and questionnaire.

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