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28 December 2011

E-Reader Safety Tips

My thanks to the Center for Safer Wireless in Washington DC for the following safety tip regarding E-Readers:

"Wired devices are the safest way to go. For those who gave or received e-readers as Christmas gifts (Nook, Kindle, tablets, iPads, Kobo) you can reduce your exposure to pulsed radiofrequency radiation by simply turning off the wireless signal on these devices. When you are reading an e-book, newspaper, or magazine, you don't need a wireless connection with the e-reader. To disable the wireless signal, each device is different. Search for phrases such as "turn off wireless signal" or "disable wireless network connection".  Use the wireless connection only when accessing the Internet (such as when downloading a book or an application) and turn off the wireless signal when you are finished with the activity. Also, with the wireless disabled, you won't have to re-charge your e-reader as often.

“To reduce health risks, we recommend that parents impose rules for children using an e-reader. In addition to the above recommendations, children shouldn't lay the e-reader on their bodies. Instead, they can place the devices on pillows in their laps or on desks and tables. Not only is the pulsed radiofrequency radiation a concern but also the alternating current magnetic fields from the devices. Keeping a distance between young bodies and the devices helps to reduce health risks.
“Adults can follow these rules for e-readers and when using a wireless laptop.”

Everyone must ensure maintaining a certain distance between their bodies and wireless devices.  Recently, a scientist told me about a woman whose pregnancy required her confinement to bed from the second month.  Her baby was born with birth defects.  Refer to my articles on the effects of wireless devices on pregnancies (“Dangrs to Pregnant Women of Wireless Technologies") and on sperm ("Is Radiation from Wi-Fi-Connected Laptops Nuking Sperm?")


  1. You mention alternating current magnetic fields as a danger of ebook readers. Do you know which kind of screen would be worse?
    The Capacitive type or the infra-red type? The ebook readers are made to hold in the hands.

    1. My contact at ARA (Swiss safer wireless advocacy group) has tried to answer the question. Hope this helps!

      "Pulsed radio-frequency radiation only refers to e-readers that have wi-fi to go online. My e-reader does not have wi-fi, nor any other kind of wireless signal like blue-tooth. This type of reader should be harmless for adults and children. However it is true that almost all e-readers on the market are now equipped with wireless. So RF pollution is most likely an issue to be aware of.

      "The magnetic fields generated by alternating currents apply only to the charger of the e-reader. The e-reader itself is operated by a battery (low voltage, direct current), and, to the best of my knowledge, it is safe to hold an e-reader close to the body, as long as it is disconnected from the charger, it does not have wi-fi and it is operated in air-plane mode.

      "The majority of e-readers have touch-screens which are based on capacitive changes caused by touching the screen. The infra-red type of e-readers registers the infra-red radiation emitted by the fingers. I thought that this technology was disappearing. To the best of my knowledge both capacitive and infra-red types are bio compatible. The problem is much more with the wireless connection and the charger/adaptor."


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