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28 December 2011

Global Domination: "Thrive": Film Review

The film « Thrive » (2011, 132 mn. - available here for free), produced by Foster Gamble, is a convincing exposé of the plan for global domination by an elite.  It should be viewed from beginning to end.  After watching it, all seems to have fallen into place:  the degradation of our health and of the environment that I write about here could be seen as the expression of a plan of the elite to gain control over the world’s population:  vaccination, medicines, debt, non-renewable energy, genetically-modified food.
The title of the film is optimistic.  Life on this earth should be thriving, but the majority of us and even animals are struggling to survive. 


Gamble takes us on a journey from exploring the concept of the “Torus” to how the world is being dominated by an elite group.  He begins by talking about the inventors of devices generating free energy who were consistently and brutally suppressed by those profiting from existing forms of energy.  The reason is that these people threatened the enormous wealth to be gained from our energy reserves which are worth $200 trillion.  He mentions crop circles and UFO's, but has his feet firmly planted on the ground when he talks about money.

Gamble explores how an elite group has gained control over every aspect of our lives:  money, health, education, energy, food.  He ends on a note of optimism, talking about ways in which we can create solutions.  We must wake up and take action.  What can we as individuals do?  We can become informed, speak up, connect with others for there is force in unity.  We can buy and invest responsibly.  We can advocate for a fair and open Internet.  We can support independent media and organic, non-GMO food production, advocate for renewable energy, and take part in critical mass actions.

Gamble believes in the power of the people, that we are on the threshold of mass awakening.
If this is so, there is hope for the world to thrive.

View the movie's excellent Website:  www.thrivemovement.com.

by Meris Michaels

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