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18 January 2012

"Smart" Baby Wi-Fi Scale?

We are hearing more and more about applications for wireless gadgets - shopping, medicine, education ...  Here is another:  weighing babies on a Wi-Fi Body Scale, plus "as an added bonus" making it easier to "bombard Facebook and Twitter news feeds with baby updates."  Here is yet another way to expose these poor defenseless creatures to harmful electromagnetic radiation, just to appease our insatiable appetite for the latest wireless gadgets which, ten, five, even one year ago, we could easily have lived without.  (Thank you to WEEP News for sending the following 8 January 2012 article by Scott Schaen on ChipChick.com describing this gadget.):

"Withings Smart Baby WiFi Scale Will Annoy Facebook Friends"

"Withings, a company that lives by their mantra “Smarter Devices, Healthier Lifestyles,” has just announced their internet connected Baby and Toddler Scale. The Smart Baby Scale uses bluetooth, WiFi, and even the new low energy Bluetooth Smart to connect to your computer, iOS device, and the cloud to monitor and track your child’s growth.

Similar to the Withings WiFi Body Scale, the Baby and Toddler Scale uses the Withings WiScale app for iPhone/iPod/iPad. The app easily tracks and graphs out weight over time. It offers parents an easy-to-use method of monitoring the health of the new born. Plus, as an added bonus, it’s easier then ever to automatically bombard Facebook and Twitter news feeds with baby updates.
The Smart Baby Scale has two methods of weighing. The first method is laying the infant in the included removable baby basket. Once the infant matures to a toddler they can stand on the scale. The scale is ultra thin and sleek looking. It features a clean white design. There’s a large graphical screen for animations and instructions, plus a button for recording the baby’s length. The scale uses a bi-folding design that makes it easy for storage and travel. Another neat feature of the Withings Smart Baby Scale is that recorded data can be exported and used by third-party fitness services.               
The Withings Smart Baby Scale can weigh toddlers and babies up to 55 lbs and is accurate to 10 grams. It uses 4 AAA batteries and weighs just 3.3 pounds. After the child exceeds 55 lbs, you can convert the scale into the sexiest food scale in town. The Withings Smart Fod Scale will be available in quarter 2 of 2012. Pricing is to be announced."

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