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19 January 2012

Unexplained Increases in Brain Cancer - UPDATED

This article from November 2011 comes from the German electromagnetic advocacy site,  Bürgerwelle, which publishes the latest EMF news in English.  

New cases of brain tumors have continued to grow throughout the past three decades in some Scandinavian countries with longer term heavier cellphone use, according to analyses conducted by Environmental Health Trust scientists based on data provided by the national cancer registries of Finland and Norway to the International Agency for Research on Cancer. In Norway, brain tumor incidence rose in men and women about 1.7 and 2.8 percent each year for the past decade, with women who use cellphones more having higher rates than men. Similar, but smaller increases were evident in Norway. Death rates have dropped reflecting improvements in treatment and early detection, but incidence has increased over the past decade for both men and women.(read more) Cell Phones: Myth or Fact?

UPDATE:  "Brain Tumor Pandemic" Predicted:  A new analysis published by Örjan Hallberg in Sweden and L. Lloyd Morgan in the United States on 20 December 2011 in the journal, Neurology and Neurophysiology, projects a very large increase in brain cancer incidence resulting from widespread mobile phone use, beginning in about 15 years.  L. Lloyd Morgan says, "Unless mobile phone usage behavior patterns significantly change, we can reasonably expect a pandemic of brain tumors... Governments, as well as parents, physicians, schools and all citizens, would be well advised to educate all persons under their care or influence about the need to curtail the use of mobile phones and other radiation-emitting consumer devices."

View this recent excellent newsclip from Euronews on safer cell phone use.

“The WHO statement does not mean cell phones cause cancer, because it isbased on limited evidence.”
Thirty-one highly acclaimed members of the International Agency of Research on
Cancer (IARC), a WHO committee, voted in a nearly unanimous decision after detailed examination of the data.
In their expert opinion, the evidence warranted a 2b classification - putting cell phones in the same category as jet and diesel fuel, chlorinated pesticides like DDT and Kepone, industrial compounds like PBBs, carbon black and carbon tetrachloride, and many other substances you would never let your child play with.

The WHO determination that “radiofrequency radiation and electromagnetic fields” are a possible “carcinogen” rests on an exhaustive examination of peer-reviewed, published epidemiology studies, industry-funded Interphone studies, and hundreds of scientific papers on radiofrequency radiation. The data and weight of the evidence found that with more than 10 years of use(with 30 minutes a day considered as high use), there is a significantly increased risk of glioma, a lethal brain tumor.


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