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26 February 2012

Mobile Phone Antennas Blamed for Presence of Cataracts in Calves

The following is a translation from French of an article which appeared on the site of the Swiss "Agence d'information agricole romande" on 22 February 2012 about a recent study by the University of Zürich Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.  Mobile phone technology is also potentially harmful to animals. 

Blindness at birth in calves could be linked to the presence of mobile phone antennas.  This is what the umbrella association Electrosmog Suisse asserts, based on partial results from a study by the University of Zürich.  Since 2005, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has been looking at "nuclear" cataracts (affecting the lens nucleus) in newborn calves raised near mobile phone antennas.  Among the farms observed, the Association mentioned a farm in canton Zürich where cases of cataracts increased after installation of an antenna and disappeared once the antenna was dismantled.  The anti-electrosmog association calls on the authorities to respond and not  “await dissipation of the latest scientific doubts in order to take preventive measures.”  The Director of the faculty research project, Bernhard Spiess, confirms the “striking temporal correlation” between installation of the antenna and appearance of the cases of cataracts.  According to him, it is however impossible to prove for now a link between cause and effect.


  1. I seem to remember a study showing that persons taking medicine with "betablockers" had increased risk for cataracts if they used mobile phones.

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