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29 March 2012

Cell Phone Tower Dangers: Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and Lecture by Dr. Magda Havas

The Health Department for Brazil’s third largest city, Belo Horizonte, recently released a government-funded cell phone antenna study showing an increased risk of cancer for those living within 500 meters of the antennas.  The city prosecutor has wasted no time in suing the cell phone companies, with the result that 66 of the 500 antennas which the citizens asked to be removed, have so far been taken down.  Between 1996 and 2006, 7,191 cancer deaths occurred within an area of 500 meters from the cell phone antenna base station:  a high mortality rate of 34.76 per 10,000 inhabitants.  Outside of this area, there was a decrease in the number of cancer deaths. 

Watch this 4-minute video on cell towers and cancer study in Belo Horizonte.

In a 52-minute lecture on cell phone tower microwave radiation given in Oakville, Ontario, Dr. Magda Havas, leading Canadian expert, mentions this study.

27 March 2012

Electromagnetic Radiation Threatening Our Lives

This excellent article from Istanbul by Gürhan Savgi was published on 25 March 2012 in Today’s Zaman.   It describes in layman’s terms the health scourge being created by mobile phone towers, the nature of electromagnetic waves, and ways to reduce radiation from these waves.  While many countries are now rolling out 4G technology, the article mentions the heightened radiation risks of 3G.  What are we doing to ourselves?!  Articles from many different countries show that mobile technology is becoming a serious health concern.

This is not Camlica, but certainly, tower madness!
Çamlıca, the famous hill on İstanbul’s Bosporus, the subject of so many poems and songs in the past, seems to inspire more complaints than compliments these days.

Now a field of antennae, Çamlıca looks nothing like it used to a century ago. People living nearby complain of insomnia, headaches, fatigue and frayed nerves. Some assert that this electromagnetic pollution is causing cancer rates to soar. The muhtarı or neighborhood headman of Kısıklı is Erkan Kalkan. Kalkan, whose father died recently of cancer, asserts that all of the 30,000 people who live here are affected by local electromagnetic pollution. The situation is not much different over on Irmak Sokak in the Ferah neighborhood, where two young mothers in their 30s and one taxi driver in his 40s are battling cancer. Battal Polat (70) points out that the giant antenna put up by TRT in 1972 right next to his home has even dried out the cherry trees he planted. He even connects the stroke of his wife, Gülcemal Polat, to the electromagnetic pollution, and then goes on to count other local incidences of both strokes and cancer.

26 March 2012

News from Geneva: The United Nations Orchestra Gives Its First Performance in Victoria Hall

The newly-formed United Nations Orchestra of Geneva gave its first performance in Victoria Hall, Geneva, on 16 March 2012 to a full audience of UN employees and dignitaries from Belgium, Sierra Leone and Switzerland.  Many of the 45 musicians work every day at the United Nations and other international organizations. 

“Since music is a universal language, what could be better than an orchestra to create a multicultural bridge and to strengthen links within international Geneva? Who better than the staff of international organizations themselves, many of whom are talented amateur musicians, to constitute an orchestra representing their institutions and the ideals they promote?”

23 March 2012

Switzerland: Waves from Wireless Communication: Physicians for the Environment Requests Strict Application of the Precautionary Principle

Basel, 22 March 2012
Press Release from Physicians for the Environment (MfE – Switzerland)

Mobile Telephony :  MfE requests stricter limit values

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) considers the waves emitted by wireless communication “possibly carcinogenic”.  According to the IARC, the risk of cancer for this type of radiation is thus similar to that of the insecticide DDT, rightly banned.  Physicians for the Environment (MfE) is concerned that the limit values expected to protect the Swiss population, notably vulnerable groups such as children and pregnant women, constitute insufficient protection.  In a communication sent to the Federal Assembly, MfE thus requests strict application of the principle of precaution and – in view of the risk of cancer – lower limit values.

Children’s rooms, housing, trams or offices are experiencing a growing exposure to radiation from diverse sources:  babyphones, mobile telephony, wifi, etc., yet more and more studies warn against the serious health consequences of electromagnetic pollution for human beings and animals.

Cataracts in calves, Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer …