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20 March 2012

Electromagnetic Waves and Ants Disturb a School Teacher

Here is an unusual article from the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland.  A primary school teacher reported to the communal authorities that she and her students were suffering from headaches and fatigue due to the waves being generated by Wi-Fi in the classroom.  The Swiss authorities, as usual, denied and continue to downplay or deny any connection between the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by Wi-Fi and harmful health effects. Scientific studies have revealed that EMR also could affect bees, birds, animals, and plant life. (Original article : “Les Ondes et les fourmis inquiétaient une institutrice", par Stéphane Berney, Le Matin Dimanche, 10 December 2011.  Translated from French.)
A teacher at a primary school in Châtel-St-Denis (canton Fribourg) sent a report to the Communal Council on 22 November 2010 indicating that she and her pupils were suffering from headaches and fatigue.

The reason according to her is the waves generated by the installation of Wi-Fi in the classroom.  She even witnessed an invasion of red ants from the ceiling that she attributes mainly to these electromagnetic disturbances.

Not wishing to be conspicuous, she left it to her companion, Benoit Rey, to react and lent him assistance with the case.  Mr. Rey, a highly placed State official, is legal counselor of the Directorate of Security and Justice of the Canton of Fribourg. 

“What is disturbing, is the Wi-Fi placed in a building of strong metal structures, constructed on land where rivulets of water are running, and which doesn’t apparently have sufficient grounding.  We have simply asked the commune to install wired computers;  this was categorically refused”, he revealed.

From then on, no less than five expert appraisals were undertaken by the commune and canton.  Every one drew the same conclusion:  the norms in place are being respected.  The commune announced that it has undertaken a series of improvements, including the installation on 5 February 2011, of telluric pollution “dischargers” in the form of two amethysts placed in the basement shelters.

In vain.  The communal authority made a radical decision:  In January 2011, the teacher and her pupils were moved.  And since the start of the autumn school term, the incriminated classroom has welcomed pupils at kindergarten level.  From then on, no disturbances.

Now that everyone is happy, is this the end of the story?  “No.  The commune must excuse itself towards the pupils and teacher for having left these persons in a place which has finally been recognized as unhealthy since it decided to move the class,” Roy Benoit replies passionately.  To the extent that he is going to lodge in the coming days a complaint with the Prefect of Veveyse, Michel Chevalley.

Why was the class not simply wired?  François Genoud, Trustee of Châtel-St-Denis, dismissed any ambiguity:  “We had asked the opinion of professionals who told all of us that there were no problems, thus we trusted them.”

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