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28 March 2012

Flare Still Burning at North Sea Gas Leak

There are far too many catastrophes occurring these days regarding oil and gas extraction.  The latest is Total's North Sea gas platform, Elgin, which has been leaking gas for the last three days, since 25 March 2012.  There is concern that the escaping gas could connect with the naked flame in the flare stack and explode.  BBC's Colin Blane said, "It is a serious, uncontrolled leak."

The platform is located 150 miles off  Aberdeen, Scotland.  All 238 workers were removed from the Elgin installation and the nearby Rowan Viking drilling rig by helicopter on Sunday.  Shell has moved 120 non-essential staff from the Shearwater platform and Hans Deul drilling rig, about four miles from the Elgin, because of the drifting gas.
There had not been time to extinguish the flare when the Elgin platform was evacuated, as the safety of staff had been the priority.
Oceanographer Simon Boxall told BBC Scotland's Newsnight Scotland program that the gas would explode if it connected with the flare.  He said: "It would not just go on fire, it would be a fairly volatile explosion."
A sheen of between two and 23 tons of gas condensate, measuring six nautical miles in length, was reported on the water nearby.  

The Elgin well is pumping gas from nearly four miles below the seabed.
(See full BBC News article dated 28 March 2012 here.)

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