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01 July 2012

Reflections on Electrosensitivity

Inspired by Dafna Tachover's recent radio interview and testimony of electrohypersensitivity, I am sharing my reflections on the subject of electrohypersensitivity (EHS).

The Gasterntal, one of the places where I feel the best.
We must salute the courage of persons such as Dafna and other EMF advocates for speaking out about their suffering and helping to raise awareness.  Many electrosensitive persons seem to cower, afraid of what people might think, of being declared mentally ill, of losing their jobs.  People in Switzerland seem to be especially passive concerning the issue of electromagnetic radiation and wireless technology and ignorant about EHS.  A former Swiss environment minister, Dr. Philippe Roch, said that he had fought for years in Berne for the laws to take into consideration the risks of electrosmog.  "It seems to have passed into oblivion in the face of the fanaticism surrounding mobile phones, etc.", he said.  "Maybe in 100 years".  We probably won't see a change in this mind-set in our lifetimes.

I myself am somewhat electro-sensitive.  It started by not being able to sleep properly for several years. I then discovered that two mobile phone antennas had been installed atop the apartment building across the street from where I live, not more than 200 meters away.  Geneva is saturated with electrosmog:  Wi-Fi, antennas, cell phone users everywhere.  There is talk of installing Wi-Fi in trains, trams and buses.  I cannot tolerate spending much time in the reading rooms of libraries, most of which have Wi-Fi, nor in places where there is heavy cell phone use such as buses and airport terminals. Recently at the terminal at JFK, I felt my head was about to explode - until I escaped outdoors.  Since the latter part of 2009, certain symptoms have developed, such as shaking (my head - which prompted the President of a health association in Geneva to tactlessly suggest I have Parkinson's - hopefully not:  I can still play piano in front of a large audience), dropping letters and words when writing by hand, fatigue, nervousness...  When in a friend's house or flat which has wireless and DECT phones, I begin to get very nervous and sometimes ache all over.  When I am away from Geneva, such as at my mother's assisted living residence on Long Island, even though that area of the world is also saturated with electrosmog, I am able to sleep much better and the shaking subsides.  There is almost no cell phone use in the building and no Wi-Fi.  The home is situated far from any other buildings.  I am also better in woods and in the mountains.

Most doctors are not even aware of electro-hypersensitivity, especially those in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.  My own generalist sees wireless technology only in terms of its social implications.  She suggested I see a neurologist for my problems but he/she would surely not have a clue about electrosensitivity.  It is disconcerting that there is no conventional doctor in Geneva trained to diagnose and treat this disability.  It is more upsetting when you hear from doctors who are aware of this affliction that perhaps your symptoms stem from "psycho-social" causes.  This is exactly the type of mentality that Prof. Belpomme, who has treated hundreds of electrosensitive persons and is in the forefront of conducting clinical research on the subject, despises.  We are not crazy and our symptoms are not psycho-somatic!!  The doctor who used the words, "psycho-social" is a member of Physicians for the Environment, Switzerland, which recently issued a press release on electromagnetic radiation requesting lowering of limit values and application of the precautionary principle.  This press release has not been widely distributed in Switzerland, at least not in the French-speaking part, where there are only two doctors who could perhaps treat this affliction, none in Geneva.  The press release was widely read on this blog and posted by many other EMF groups outside Switzerland.

With no doctors to help us, we have to more or less figure out treatment ourselves:  limiting exposure, taking supplements.  I do not have a cell phone, my computer, though a laptop, has wired Internet access.  I have had to study the diagnostic tests and papers of other medical groups, such as Professor Belpomme's (ARTAC - www.artac.info) and the Austrian Medical Association, and articles on treating radiation exposure. I have found that taking certain vitamins and minerals, and occasionally melatonin for better sleep quality do help.

Thank you Dafna and fellow EHM/EHS advocates for giving me the courage to write this.

by Meris Michaels

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