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25 March 2012

Schools Going All iPad: Is This a Health Danger for Students and Staff?

Children using iPads in Long Island school
(Roslyn, New York)
The newest trend in wireless is for schools to offer iPads to students and teachers.  This article comes from Boston.  Tablets are also being given to students and teachers in schools in Geneva, Switzerland.  One reader rightly commented,  “Has anyone at these schools measured how powerful the wireless electromagnetic radiation is, that will be caused by the use of a school full of wireless devices such as these? Has anyone looked at the mass of scientific research which shows serious biological effects caused by this same wireless radiation?  Do the schools not realise that the World Health Organization has classed this type of microwave frequency wireless radiation as a possible carcinogen?  It’s about time that the school officials go back to school and do some serious research about the significant dangers that they will be causing to their children and staff.   A good place to start is the Bio Initiative Report - www.bioinitiative.org . »

Schools Abandon Textbooks To Go All iPad

(from Here and Now, 23 March 2012)

Apple reports schools in more than 600 districts have bought iPads for all of their students. And it’s not happening just in wealthy suburbs. Schools in urban districts like New York City and Chicago are also handing out iPads.

In the Boston area, Burlington High School launched a one-to-one iPad program in the fall, providing a tablet for each student.
It cost the school about $500,000 for the devices, and the principal, Patrick Larkin, said the school paid for them within its existing budget.
How To Pay For iPads
The school saved money by getting rid of its computer labs, abandoning plans to build a new language lab and deciding it would no longer buy new textbooks.
Larkin said they didn’t throw away the old books, but no longer need to buy new ones, since students and teachers can find everything they need online.
Larkin said the school isn’t even buying electronic versions of textbooks, since they end up costing the schools more than traditional ones in the long run.
Teacher Skepticism
Some teachers were initially skeptical of the change.
Burlington High history chair, Todd Whitten, said he was afraid the kids would spend all their time playing video games and texting friends.
But he said if teachers stay attentive, they can keep their students focused. He said if kids start getting too distracted by the iPads, he just makes sure they turn them off.
“The great thing about the iPad is you just turn it over and it’s done.” Whitten told Here & Now‘s Robin Young.
The project is just in its first year, but Larkin said so far, kids seem to be doing as well or better with the iPads.
But Burlington might not be an all iPad school forever.
Larkin said you never know what the next technology will be, and they are prepared to switch to the next best thing in the years to come.

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  1. The huge expense incurred takes money from many important aspects of education. The school takes its eye off the ball and is seduced by profiteering sellers who serve their shareholders, not students or their parents.


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