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21 April 2012

India: New Radiation Emission Rules for Mobile Phones and Towers to Take Effect on 1 September 2012

100 million mobile phone users in rural India
India's new radiation emission rules for mobile phones and towers will take effect on 1 September 2012. These rules state that cell phones can be imported and sold in India only if the SAR level is below 1.6 watts per kg (W/kg).  India has followed European norms which state that the maximum SAR level must not exceed 2 W/kg.  The nearly 650 models of Chinese cell phones that don’t comply with these new standards will have to be redesigned.  

The SAR value, or radiation emitted by the handset, must be specified on the device, its manual, the box and the websites of both the company and the telecom department.  The radiation figure of each handset must be displayed prominently at all retail outlets that sell mobile phones.  For consumers, the cost of a cell phone will rise by a minimum of Rs 400.  The new rules make it mandatory for all handsets to be sold with a hands-free device, as the government believes this will help reduce significantly the exposure to radiation.
Radiation limits for towers have been tightened to a tenth of the existing exposure level.  The telecom department has decided that tower certifications from April 2012 onwards will be covered by the new norms.
India thus recognizes the risks of exposure to radiation emitted by mobile phones and towers.  When will countries such as the United States and Switzerland follow suit and take action to protect the health of their citizens?
(This information came from WEEP News, 20 April 2012. See Press Release from the Government of India dated 4 May 2012.)

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