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05 April 2012

Test-Tube Babies: Are Their Hearts More Fragile?

We should be very wary of manipulating life and the environment in ways that go against nature: geo-engineering, genetically modified organisms, conception by assisted reproductive technologies.

On 4 April 2012, Swiss television (Télévision Suisse Romande) aired a program on “36.9” on the research of Dr. Urs Scherrer, University Hospital, Lausanne (CHUV) and team on vascular dysfunction in children conceived by assisted reproductive technologies (ART). They found that healthy children conceived by ART display generalized vascular dysfunction which appears to be related to the ART procedure, not to parental factors. Publication of the research was refused several times, until it was accepted in the journal “Circulation” on 10 February 2012 and to be published on 17 April 2012. (Abstract available here.)

A group of children conceived by ART were taken to the Jungfraujoch (altitude 3,500 meters or 13,600 feet) where oxygen is rare. They were subjected to 3 days of cardio-vascular tests. A lack of oxygen stresses the body. Examinations revealed a 30% higher systolic pulmonary artery pressure at high altitude in ART children than in those conceived naturally. The ART children’s mothers were subjected to the same tests. Results were normal. The conclusion was that there was risk of premature circulatory system problems in these children.

Following these results, the question was then asked, will ART children transmit this risk to their children? Experiments with mice were conducted at the University Medical Centre, Geneva. When the ART mice were subjected to the same high-altitude conditions as the children, they exhibited similar vascular dysfunction. The mice passed this impairment on to their offspring. The DNA of these mice was examined. It was thought that the in vitro procreation procedure may have perturbed certain cardio-vascular genes. Could it be the fluid medium used?

Since assisted reproductive technology was first used in 1978, about 4 million children and young adults in the world today have been conceived by this procedure. It is a very lucrative business, in Switzerland costing about 10,000 Swiss francs ($11,000) for each procedure.

Does the medical profession not look at factors causing infertility, which is on the rise? This includes exposure to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless technologies. As explained in earlier posts, scientific studies have also been published on the effects on sperm motility and quality of Wi-Fi-connected laptop computer use – on laps, and carrying mobile phones in pants’ pockets. These warnings fall on deaf ears in fertility clinics here, but are heeded in other countries, where children from parents experiencing difficulty procreating, are conceived naturally, once their parents abstain from (not sex!) or limit their use of wireless technology.

by Meris Michaels

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