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03 April 2012

Mobile Phone Jammers Risk Heavy Fines

This may be one of the few ways to silence those annoying mobile phone conversations in public transport, however, users and owners of mobile phone jammers in Switzerland risk fines of up to 100,000 Swiss francs (US$110,670).  Thank you to 20 Minutes for this article published on 22 March 2012 (translated from French).  

Mobile Phone Jammers More and More Disturbing

Small, discrete, perfectly illegal, the devices which are paralyzing the waves are sometimes used as a game.  Anger assured.

Certain people resort to this system in order to travel in peace in public transport.

There are those who turn on their mobile wave jammer, which has a range of from 10 to 30 meters (30 to 90 feet), just for the pleasure of making those next to them angry.

These crafty persons have nothing better to do than to use these devices in trolleys or on Swiss trains and to film the reactions of persons who desperately try to make their cell phones work.  Videos showing the victims becoming agitated and shouting, “Hello, hello.  Do you hear me?” are found on YouTube.  The Swiss Federal Office of Communication (OFCOM) does not at all appreciate these performances.  “Last year, we seized a hundred jammers”, said Caroline Sauser, spokesperson for the OFCOM.  But this is only the tip of the iceberg.  These devices are discrete and difficult to locate.  “Those who possess one risk up to a 100,000 Swiss franc fine (US$110,670),” adds Caroline Sauser.
The Swiss Railway is also powerless in the face of this phenomenon.  “The ticket controller cannot determine why cell phones are not functioning,” explains their spokesperson, Reto Kormann.  It could be a breakdown in the relay network of the cars or a disruption in the service of the operator providing access.

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