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13 June 2012

Dr. George Carlo's 2007 Presentation at Westminster on the Mechanism of Harm from Non-Thermal Information-Carrying Radiowaves Emitted by Wireless Technology

This 1 hour 26 minute-video is a must-view:  Dr. George Carlo's intervention at Westminster in February 2007 addressing Members of Parliament and concerned citizens regarding electromagnetic radiation.  Especially watch the first 45 or so minutes where he explains very clearly the mechanism of harm from non-thermal information-carrying radiowaves such as emitted by mobile phones, mobile phone masts and wi-fi.  He was paid by Motorola to conduct a 6-year study on this subject.  Motorola was not happy with the outcome of the research.  In his conclusion and throughout the presentation, Dr. Carlo emphasizes the need for clinical intervention programs because the medical problems related to exposure to this non-ionizing radiation are being neither addressed nor solved by scientific research. "We must focus on the doctors," he says.  "This is a medical problem... we cannot wait for research results..."  Children are of particular concern.  "Wi-fi in schools is not an experiment we should be conducting."  

Click here to watch the video:

(Thank you to Arjen Witzel for sending me this video.)

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