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21 July 2012

Electromagnetic Fields: High-Level Microwave Technology Concerns

Plant deformed by cell phone
tower radiation fields.
In this fairly recent document, Dr. Andrew Michrowski describes the effects of wireless technologies such as corrosion problems (associated with building structures, water, oil and gas pipelines, fluid containers), impact on agriculture and livestock, and mutation of diseases into new strains.  He also explains the potential link between these technologies and autism.  Following are excerpts from the document.  The full document is available at http://media.withtank.com/42391c31ef.pdf .

Dr. Michrowski is President of the Ottawa-based Planetary Association for Clean Energy Incorporated, an international, interdisciplinary scientific society, concerned with such issues as: electromagnetic pollution, advanced clean energy technologies, ozone depletion, climatic changes and reutilization of waste biomass.

Corrosion problems

"There has been a significant increase in corrosion problems in the last few decades, parallel to the spread and implementation of wireless technologies. Whereas in the 1970s, only a small number of engineers consulted on corrosion problems, now a full quarter of all engineers in North America are experts in corrosion trying to resolve problems associated with building structures, water and oil and gas pipelines, fluid containers.

"How radiofrequencies affect corrosion can be verified by anyone who replaces a fluorescent compact bulb into a metallic fixture that once had an incandescent bulb. It takes only a few weeks to have the onset of paint coating corroding in lamp holders, followed by the steady eating away of metallic sheeting. Likewise, one can see which urban areas are exposed to elevated levels of microwave emissions: where sewer and telephone service covers rust – actually powder away rather than just coat themselves with oxidation, where fire hydrants crumble – even if installed within the previous 6 months - that is likely to be a zone subject to microwave emissions. Normally, such fittings last problem–free for decades. This is an effect of enormous burden to tax and rate-payers...

"In 2008 the Federation of Canadian Municipalities has made an emergency plea to the federal government for $123 Billion within 5 years to avoid building collapses in Canadian cities due to corrosion, which only emphasizes how outrageously expensive for our civilization is this problem of accelerated corrosion from radiofrequencies and microwaves is. What is little known is that most corrosion is induced by weak voltages and amperages from net currents in our electric power delivery systems, which are imbalanced. What is even less known that as the electric power system becomes more affected by the use of computers and wireless systems, radiofrequencies and microwaves penetrate the electric power system’s ground via neutral wires. The ground in many populated areas now carries charges that are highly electronic with radiofrequency and microwave characteristics. This new phenomenon accelerates corrosion of materials – whether pipelines, rebars in buildings and transportation infrastructure or even nuclear power plant reactor rods - by quantum leaps. Galvanic coupling between alloys and hydrogen and e particles is accelerated, leading to hydrogen-induced cracking in steels. This conduction of charges has been observed with electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and reported this year by scientists from Atomic Energy of Canada and the National Research Council of Canada. There is also greater spattering of deposits, crevice enhancements and oxidation reactions."

Impact on agriculture and livestock

"Rural wireless emissions issues have emerged. These have impacts on agriculture productivity. Emissions are sometimes carried by power lines, ground currents, and rural electric distribution practices. They can be sourced by special wireless technology installed in farms, etc.

"These are believed to render even quality soils compacted hard. (The phenomenon has been noted even in Mennonite communities Pennsylvania, known for their former rich and unadulterated humus). Water runs off on the surface instead of soaking, roots have difficulty penetrating; this results in greater susceptibility to insect invasions and diseases nutritional value of crops affected. Effects are widespread, as is the case of a low-value corn crop of 2009 (from Ontario to Wisconsin).

"Livestock health is of considerable concern, with decreased nutritional absorption, susceptibility to diseases. Animals can experience microwave burns on their hooves..."

"In France, a power company was ordered to compensate cattle farmers for MF damages to animals. On November 14, 2008, Agence France Presse reported, ―In ordering the management of RTE (responsible for the distribution of electricity) to pay almost 400,000 Euros to cattle farmers, the courts have established for the first time that there is a link between the effects of electromagnetic radiation from a very high voltage power line and symptoms of diseases among animals)."

Effects on diseases

"Influenza has a tendency to mutate into new serotypes and it is suggested that novel radiofrequency/microwave emissions (waveform, frequency, radiation mode, intensity) enable mutation into strains that do not meet adequate immunity responses. The 1918-19 pandemic of Spanish flu – which killed more persons than World War I, started on the world’s first radio ship, as the surviving seaman collapsed at Bordeaux harbour from an avian flu virus that was genetically modified with on-board wireless equipment into a variation to which humanity had not acquired an immunity to. A more recent serotype in Hong Kong (2003) may have been the result of a combination of the introduction of a novel wireless technology, geography, moisture (and aerosol activity) and sanitary conditions; likewise, for the most recent cases of mutated avian flu in Beijing some weeks ago. Vietnam (2004) and Indonesia, with their own technological introduction of wireless technology and special fauna might have become new conditions for mutation, when historically they have not been in the past. Once in a while there are reports in luxury liners of unexplained mass health problems, clearly not associated with food poisoning, which may have been spawned as mutations with the introduction a high-tech wireless systems on board in conjunction with coastal security technologies.

"It would be worthwhile to elaborate on the Fraser Valley, British Columbia avian flu poultry issues as it covers several specializations: DNA effects from RF/mw exposure, radiation patterns (including re-radiation inside structures and from surrounding mountain chains), effects of weather (soil moisture) on intensity of signals, including those of other antennae sources through a beating process, etc... 

"The deadly Walkerton, Ontario Escherichia.Coli strain was a rare, more deadly form only found in remote jungle of El Salvador. How did it get to Walkerton, and infect the community’s water supply? The summer that spawned it was unusually wet, to the point that cattle manure overflowed in fields with their prominent E.Coli constituent of digestive flora being exposed to very powerful analog cellphone tower emissions, in tandem with other radiofrequency fields source to able to achieve a critical mass situation leading a locally-mutated E.Coli strain."

Autism in children

"It is estimated that at least 300,000 Canadian children are being exposed to, and, are absorbing, ―illegal levels‖ of microwave power associated with cellphone usage alone. This number is expected to double by 2010, even though the actual total base population of children is expected to decrease. These children face severe (or life-threatening) wireless-related physical conditions. Add to this group about 300,000 in Ontario alone who suffer from some form of autism, considering that 30 years ago, there were only a few hundred cases. More than 1 child in 100 is autistic, compared with 1 in 10,000 only 30 years ago, before the pervasive environmental exposure of wireless technologies.

"A study by Tamara Mariea and George Carlo indicates how wireless emissions can make cells incapable of releasing heavy metals (including mercury and aluminum), such as those used as stabilizers in the massive vaccination programmes. Heavy metals in the body interfere with the distribution of dopamine, a hormone and a neurotransmitter which controls motor skills. In autistic children, such functions are inhibited. When autistic children are detoxified from heavy metals, and when they are no longer exposed to wireless emissions, they can recover. This situation has the potential for trans-generation toxic accumulation."

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