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21 July 2012

Important Legal Issues for Telecom Companies to Address in the Near Future: Nokia

A series of posts is being issued on recent filings from major telecommunications companies with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange are required to list all known business risks for their investors. The following extracts are from the 10-K annual reports of these companies -- the 10-K "provides a comprehensive overview of the company for the past year". Thank you to Artists Against Wi-Fi for this information.

Following is the filing of Nokia.

Allegations of possible health risks from the electromagnetic fields generated by base stations and mobile devices, and the lawsuits and publicity relating to this matter, regardless of merit, could have a material adverse effect on our sales, results of operations, share price, reputation and brand value by leading consumers to reduce their use of mobile devices, by increasing difficulty in obtaining sites for base stations, or by leading regulatory bodies to set arbitrary use restrictions and exposure limits, or by causing us to allocate additional monetary and personnel resources to these issues.

There has been public speculation about possible health risks to individuals from exposure to electromagnetic fields from base stations and from the use of mobile devices. A substantial amount of scientific research conducted to date by various independent research bodies has indicated that these radio signals, at levels within the limits prescribed by safety standards set by, and recommendations of, public health authorities, present no adverse effect on human health. We cannot, however, be certain that future studies, irrespective of their scientific basis, will not suggest a link between electromagnetic fields and adverse health effects that could have a material adverse effect on our sales, results of operations and share price. Research into these issues is ongoing by government agencies, international health organizations and other scientific bodies in order to develop a better scientific and public understanding of these issues.

Over the past ten years Nokia has been involved in several class action matters alleging that Nokia and other manufacturers and cellular service providers failed to properly warn consumers of alleged potential adverse health effects and failed to include headsets with every handset to reduce the potential for alleged adverse health effects. All but one of these cases have been withdrawn or dismissed, with one dismissal currently on appeal. In addition, Nokia and other mobile device manufacturers and cellular service providers were named in five lawsuits by individual plaintiffs who allege that radio emissions from mobile phones caused or contributed to each plaintiff's brain tumor.

Although Nokia products are designed to meet all relevant safety standards and recommendations globally, we cannot guarantee we will not become subject to product liability claims or be held liable for such claims or be required to comply with future regulatory changes in this area that could have a material adverse effect on our business. Even a perceived risk of adverse health effects of mobile devices or base stations could have a material adverse effect on us through a reduction in sales of mobile devices or increased difficulty in obtaining sites for base stations, and could have a material adverse effect on our reputation and brand value, results of operations as well as share price.

For the fiscal year ended December 31, 2010
Commission file number 1-13202
Nokia Corporation

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