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10 July 2012

Inflammation and Degeneration Caused by Cell Phone Radiation

The thermography shows the inflammation and degeneration caused by cell phone radiation. Notice the white areas from the ear down the throat to the lungs indicating degeneration and the red areas indicating inflammation - all caused by cellular radiation.   This represents heating of the tissues.

Perhaps some of you will think twice before using your cell phone for too long a time and too often.

Thank you to Robert O. Young for this photo, which was on my Facebook feed from Robin des Toits.


  1. what's the source of this image ? - it's been posted a lot on the web but where's it from ? is it even a pic of cellphone damage ?

    1. I understand that the image represents tissue heating from cellphone radiation. I have contacted the person who posted it on Facebook to ascertain its source, but cannot guarantee a reply.

    2. does anyone really have any doubts? It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to convince me not to keep a cell phone nxt to my head

    3. In fact, an entire generation is facing considerable mental and physical damage from abuse of cellphones and addiction to these devices. The effects for society proceed at faster speed than the age of industrialization, and nearly the whole planet is affected at the same time. This development is comparable with the end of the stone age. Only that this time, the effects have a denerative component. despite all this technology, mankind is beginning to move backwards.


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