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11 July 2012

Interview with Barry Trower, Microwave Expert: Part 3 - The mobile industry is sowing doubt and misinformation

Western governments must not be strict with safety levels because it will affect what the military want to do and also affect industrial profit.

Trower talks about the different safety levels, ones held by the Russians and some other countries.  They study how the waves interact with living cells at very low levels.  If you have a safety level based on that, then in terms of units – a “safe level” is about 0.2 (one fifth) of a unit.  Up until last year, the United Kingdom allowed 10,000 units. 

“We’ve probably just gotten rid of the most corrupt government ever (UK Government),” says Trower.  “The last thing they did was to give the mobile industry permission to triple the amount of power.  For TETRA, they actually made a petition to the Government to have absolutely no safety level at all, no limit.”  Julius adds that in February 2011, the Danish Government agreed that the country should have 100% current indoors and outdoors within a year.

“There are people very high up in government or the civil service who have a lot of power,” says Trower.   “They are telling the people below them what to do, for example, a survey was carried out around Europe and it was found that where transmitters were in school playgrounds, they found 200 schools where there were cancer clusters among the children and staff.  In the UK, some of the cancer clusters were 11-12 children all under the age of 11.  MPs took this to Parliament, listing all of these cancer clusters and mentioning all the ones abroad, and blamed the mobile industry, saying the industry is lying to parents and schools by saying that these radiation waves are harmless and that the industry is being uncooperative, putting transmitters up without permission and then not taking them down.  The Minister, who was told what to say, stood up and said, ‘we are within international safe guidelines…’

“The first sentence (of the afore-mentioned American document) is the most dangerous sentence written since the declaration of war in 1939, (paraphrasing):  all of these illnesses are known to occur from low level microwave radiation, the same as you get with all phones, all towers and Wi-Fi and then says, Western governments must not be strict with safety levels because it will affect what the military want to do and also affect industrial profit.

The mobile industry is sowing doubt and misinformation

“ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radioprotection) said we’ll do what the American Government wants instead of having a safe level (such as they have in Russia and other countries).”

Julius says when we talk about ICNIRP, we must talk about WHO as well because these two “are in bed with one another”. Trower mentions Michael Repacholi (who for 10 years headed WHO’s International EMF Project) who admitted under oath to a government enquiry that he was on the payroll of the mobile industry while representing WHO.

“It’s ICNIRP, WHO, and our government scientists.  Between them, this small group of people will be responsible for more suffering and death in peacetime than all the terrorist organizations in the world that have ever existed added together,” says Trower.

Who is controlling WHO?  Who are they reporting to?   On 31 May 2011, WHO said the microwaves emitted by wireless technology could possibly be a carcinogen.  Towards the latter part of 2011, WHO said it might not be true.  WHO is deliberately sowing doubt.

Trower says that the biggest funder of the UK’s major cancer charity in the UK is the mobile industry.  The man who runs it says repeatedly, “Mobile phones are safe.”  WHO rediagnosed brain tumors as endocrine cancers so they wouldn’t show up on the cancer statistics.  In the UK, there are 10,000 brain cancers not showing in the statistics.

“The Danish cancer institute is very well known for deliberate lying, producing misinformation,” Julius adds. “Every time there is a new study, the Danish Cancer Institute says something which goes out to the media all over the world.”

The mobile industry does not have to show this technology is safe.  “They only have to cause confusion and they do that very well,” says Trower.   “Universities are desperate for money and the biggest contributor to university research is the government.  Governments can buy the results that they want, the results that cause confusion.”  Trower cites the Interphone Study which actually showed an increase in cancers.  The statisticians eliminated everybody under age 30 who are the main users;  everybody over the age of 59;  everybody who uses more than one phone, one for business, one for pleasure.  They defined heavy use as two hours per week, and ended up with just 16% of the population using cell phones, thus concluding that not only do mobile phones not cause cancer, they prevent it because people using them got less cancer. 

Trower believes that the MPs representing the public are trying to fight this, but they are told by the Ministers what they will and will not say and it is somebody telling the Ministers what they will not say, and it is “they” who are controlling this.

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