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23 July 2012

Wi-Fi Non-Consent Form

This “Wi-Fi Non-Consent Form” comes from the Citizens for Safe Technology Society (www.citizensforsafetechnology.org), Canada.Wi-Fi Non-Consent Form: Introduction

The Wi-Fi NON-CONSENT FORM is a tool for parents who are concerned about the existence, or installation, of Wi-Fi networks or other wireless technologies in their children’s schools.

The placement of this technology in classrooms without informed parental consent is more than concerning. It is a violation of parental rights and the likely cause of learning, behavioral and health-related problems such as ADD/ADHD in children.

Such problems likely stem from, and will eventually be traceable, in part, to Wi-Fi in schools. The world is toxic enough without toxic learning environments for children. Wi-Fi is a relatively new technology, promoted by the industry, and eagerly accepted by educators who see it as a powerful and convenient learning tool. This does not mean that it is safe. This does not mean that those using and promoting it have been informed. Educators, and the children they instruct, are being swept along a dangerous path in order to participate in “progress.”

The options are not backward or onerous. Wired technology has been in place for years now, and it is far less expensive, safer, more secure and faster than wireless. It respects the Precautionary Principle and is supportive of the welfare of the children who will be our future.

It is hoped that this Non-Consent Form will serve to educate and inform adults in the school community i.e. teachers, administrators and other parents, that [wireless] networks endanger health and violate the assurance that a school strives to provide a safe learning environment for the children in their care.

This form is set out in a way that makes it useful, but it is not a magic answer. Additional materials, education and other informed parents and advocates will be necessary if it is to be a powerful tool.

Extensive educational/scientific material is available on-line. If you are interested in links to sites that would enlighten and inform the person or persons being presented with this form, please feel free to contact:

Citizens for Safe Technology Society

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