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26 August 2012

Bird Flu and Microwaves: Are We Killing Birds with Radiation?

The effects of electromagnetic (EM) radiation from mobile phone antennas and other sources on calves, bees, ants, birds has been mentioned in this blog. Larry Blackhall, who passed away recently, a former officer in the Royal Canadian Navy, was a specialist in advanced electronic warfare and had a degree in communications and electronics engineering. In 2005, he delivered a presentation to the Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food in British Columbia, Canada, on “Electromagnetic Radiation and Chick Production.” 

The paper discussed the undesirable results of the interaction of two technologies: modern poultry production factory systems which use chemicals, medicines, biological agents, and electromagnetic radiation techniques, and cumulative background electromagnetic radiation. Citing earlier studies on the effects of EM radiation on birds and egg production, he concluded that “the avian (H5N1) virus was plausibly caused by misadventure with either disregard, or ignorance of, the cumulative effects over time of continuously increasing exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation, particularly microwave, in tandem with the practices of the modern hi-tech factory system of poultry production.”

The physiological and psychological stress of modern poultry production factory systems plus added exposure to EM radiation weakens the immune systems of chicks. In one study, while egg production of radiated chicks increased, the mortality rate of these chicks was higher.

There is mention of the HAARP ionospheric heating project taking place in various facilities throughout the world, which emits microwaves at gigawatt power levels, reflecting them from the ionosphere down to the earth. “Migratory patterns of birds and even their health may well be compromised by the ‘cumulative effect’ of such radiation,” Blackhall was quoted as saying in a May 2007 article on “Bird Flu and Microwaves …”. He was one of the few persons to “connect the dots.”

The article continued, “Think ‘contributing factor’, think ‘weakening of the immune system.’ In the collapse of bee colonies, we see the presence of many microbes and parasites, none of them prevalent or exclusive. A possible explanation is that microwave radiation generally weakens the immune defenses and the biological equilibrium of birds, insects and - yes - people. So perhaps, rather than looking for a virus to blame, we should be looking at the general condition of organisms, and at factors that are capable of influencing that general condition. Microwaves are definitely a candidate - they are becoming ubiquitous and have increased in strength by orders of magnitude in just the last few decades. It is getting more and more difficult to find a spot where they aren't doing their insidious but quite invisible damage.”

Ref: “Bird Flu and Microwaves: Are We Killing Birds with Radiation?” – , Health Supreme News Blog, 29 May 2007 which has a link to Blackhall’s paper to the Standing Committee.

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