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15 August 2012

Letter to Neighbors on the Use of Cordless DECT Phones and Wi-Fi

Thank you to ARA (Association romande alerte aux ondes électromagnétiques - www.alerte.ch)  for this useful advice to neighbors on the use of cordless DECT phones and Wi-Fi, which I have translated into English, following the measuring by an expert of the levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in my apartment in Geneva.  ( Both my telephone and laptop are wired.)  Rather high levels of EMR were discovered in my work area and around my bed, coming from neighbors' cordless DECT phones and Wi-Fi, and moderate levels from the three mobile phone antennas on rooftops of nearby apartment buildings.  

Letter to Neighbors on the use of cordless DECT phones and Wi-Fi

Please read the following.  Your neighbors will be grateful for your consideration.  It will also protect you from eventual health problems.  These problems can manifest themselves progressively, even if you are not currently experiencing symptoms.  Moreover, we all have an important responsibility for the well-being of our children.
Mobile phone antennas can cause health hazards and even diseases.  In addition, cordless DECT phones sold since 1996 with mobile handsets can also produce harmful radiation 24 hours a day whether or not you are talking on the phone.  At a distance of an arm’s length from the DECT base, the level of radiation is equal to that of a mobile phone antenna located on the roof of the adjacent building.  This radiation easily passes through brick or concrete walls.

The health hazards and diseases caused by cordless DECT phones are very frequent.  Often, sensitive persons suffer sleeping disturbances due to DECT phone radiation coming from one or several neighbouring apartments.  However, most people do not suspect the cause comes from this.

An increasing number of households also use wireless Wi-Fi (WLAN) to connect to the Internet from every room.  The Wi-Fi router, however, also radiates 24 hours a day, until de-activated or switched off.  In households, Wi-Fi is often used to wirelessly transmit data from printers, television, radio and Internet telephony (VoIP).

Persons affected by the radiation from Wi-Fi, DECT and mobile phone antennas suffer from one or several symptoms, according to their predisposition such as:

“Insomnia, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, agitation, vertigo, irritability, aggressive behavior, depression, lethargy, anxiety, panic crises (at night, on highways), sensation of burning, interior shaking, buzzing in ears, auditory loss, sudden deafness, noise in the head, noise and odor sensitivity, nosebleeds, visual problems, eye inflammation and swelling, light sensitivity, skin changes (redness, changes in pigmentation, paleness, eye puffiness), burning or tingling sensation of the skin, itching, frequent infections, sinusitis, neck and articulation pain, neuralgia, numbness, coordination problems, arrhythmia, palpitations, increase in blood pressure, hair loss, thyroid problems, hormonal imbalance, loss of appetite or permanent sensation of hunger, nausea, weight loss or gain, chills, night sweats, frequent nighttime urination, grinding of teeth.”  (Source: Dr Cornelia Waldmann Selsam, "Une nouvelle maladie: Le syndrome des micro-ondes", octobre 2006)

Most of these symptoms can have other origins.  Nevertheless, all of these symptoms have been linked to electromagnetic stress after observation over a period of 15 years of several thousands of patients.

We cannot easily eliminate mobile phone antennas located on rooftops already present in our environment.  We can however disconnect the DECT phone and Wi-Fi router.

Thus :

If you have a cordless DECT phone radiating 24 hours a day (This concerns the models more commonly found in households), replace it with:
1.     A classic phone with a cord, which is the best solution for health;
2.     Alternatively, a cordless DECT phone which radiates only during conversations.  These models are called ecomode Plus or Fulleco.  Insist on this quality when purchasing the device, and immediately request activation of the function Ecomode Plus.  For long conversations, you should use a classic phone with a cord.
For more details (in German), refer to :

If your computer or television is far away from the telephone connection or the outlet for cable TV:
Use a cable to connect the computer modem to the computer or TV set, despite the distance.  If necessary, have a telephone connection ethernet/tv installed in the room(s) concerned.  Although Wi-Fi technology is very practical, it emits an extremely aggressive radiation through walls and ceilings.  Nevertheless, if you consider that a wireless connection is absolutely indispensable, please use Wi-Fi only when you work on the Internet.  Switch off the Wi-Fi router when you leave the Internet, triggered by means of the interrupter or pulling out the plug).
  • Attention :  Sometimes modems are delivered with activated Wi-Fi, even if you do not need wireless, because you are working with a cable.  In this case, the Wi-Fi function must be deactivated for a long period by software (or interrupter, if available).
  • Please do not use wireless Internet at home.  Internet on a mobile device, such as a smartphone, tablet, as well as “Memory Stick” (Mobile unlimited; Internet everywhere; Take@way) functions with GSM/UMTS mobile phone antennas, emitting strong radiation.
  • Powerline (dLAN) is not an alternative to Wi-Fi.  The Internet through electrical outlet contaminates all the rooms because the electrical installation in your home functions like a big, omnipresent “emission antenna”, in spite of the weak power of Powerline.  These experiences are overwhelming:  even Powerline creates problems.
For more details, see :

Information furnished by Bürgerwelle Switzerland.  April 2012

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