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17 August 2012

School Shirt Pockets Enlarged to Accommodate Cell Phones

This photo shows how the size of the school shirt pocket has been increased to allow students to store their phones...

Fine print warnings say that "if you have a pacemaker, keep the phone 6 inches away from your body (or 8 inches depending on the brand).  A pacemaker is an electronic device that regulates the heart. But what is the heart? The heart is your pacemaker… and why would you want to expose your heart…?" (Dr Devra Davis)

The fine print warnings ALSO warn NOT to carry a cellphone in your pocket, near the abdomen of a teenager, near a pregnant abdomen, OR to hold it against your head!  

— with Kevin Kunze and Devra Davis at Applecross Senior High School, Perth, Western Australia.  Thank you to Parents Against Wi-Fi in School for this info.

Although a previous post has cited this video, Parents Against Wi-Fi in School has suggested it be included here because of the risks for breast cancer of keeping cell phones in bras and shirt pockets.

Cell Phone Radiation and Breast Cancer (3 mn.)


  1. YIKES! This is almost as bad as when they carry them in their front jeans pcket. There has to be a better way!

  2. Please note also the potential for breast cancer as shown in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJib5GHxOsE&feature=plcp