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20 September 2012

Comments on Study Finding Tumors in Rats Fed Monsanto GM Corn

The media is exploding with reports of the French scientists’ study finding tumors in rats fed Monsanto genetically modified (GM) corn. Jose Bove, Vice-Chairman of the European Parliament’s commission for agriculture, called for an immediate suspension of all European Union cultivation and import authorizations of GM crops. "National and European food security agencies must carry out new studies financed by public funding to guarantee healthy food for European consumers," he said.

A family member living in the United States asked me how one can find out which foods are GMO-free. This is my advice:

Consult the excellent non-GMO shopping guide, published by the Institute for Responsible Technology: http://www.nongmoshoppingguide.com/ . Its main tips:

1. Buy organic - certified organic products cannot intentionally include any GMO ingredients.
2. Look for non-GMO project verified seals
3. Avoid at-risk ingredients including: soybeans, canola, cottonseed, corn and sugar from sugarbeets
4. Consult non-GMO shopping guide

Or, as one reader comments, “If it comes in a package and doesn't say "organic," you can bet it contains GMO food.”

Here are a few more comments on the Common Dreams article about the rat study:

“The rats tested in the above study were fed GM corn for a period of two years to see what would happen beyond the three-month period of the tests conducted by the GM industries. The animals began to develop tumors after only the fourth month! Is it a coincidence that the tests conducted by the interested parties stopped at three months?”

“France is one of the only countries that maintains a ban on Monsanto's GMO maize; not to mention has banned any use of the pesticides or chemicals scientists believe responsible for CCD in honeybees. (Colony Collapse Disorder). [The United States] is one in a handful of dumb countries who don't apply the "precautionary principle" first regarding safety, health and well being for humans and the Earth. Our motto? "To hell with everyone and everything!; profit first!"

“You can bet none of Monsanto's executives or major stock holders eat GMO foods. No, totally organic for these good people, while the rest of the world dies from poisonous food.” Let's not forget the thousands of Indian farmers who have committed suicide because they could not afford Monsanto's GMO seeds (which they have to buy every year, rather than saving seeds each year). One suicide every 30 minutes, or around [250,000 since 1997].”

“Our nation is sick with autism, with cancer, with a host of major diseases and syndromes. These are man-made diseases. Our food is one prime culprit. Genetically modified crops are a prime suspect in our food.”

“I think it is terrible that man experiments on innocent animals. Just feed the shit to people and get the impact direct.”

“Companies who want to sell GMOs should have to volunteer their major stockholders and executives for experiments of the health effects of [eating the GMO] foods. [I guess this includes Bill Gates.]

“It is time to take responsibility for our human and environmental health, realizing that corruption and collusion goes so deep between corporate power and government there is little we can do except educate ourselves and demand that the public knows what is in their food (all processed food has GMO).”

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