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12 October 2012

A Tribute to the Publication of Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring"

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was published in the United States 50 years ago on 27 September 1962.  
Following are tributes to this remarkable and courageous environmentalist.  (I have also reposted my summary of the excellent documentary "Rachel Carson Silent Spring".  Only a 5-minute review of the film is available on YouTube.)

From Greenpeace blog, “Rachel Carson – And the birth of modern environmentalism”, post by Rex Weyler, 27 September 2012: 

Rachel Carson reminded the world: 

“For each of us, as for the robin in Michigan, or the salmon in the Miramichi, this is a problem of ecology, of interrelationships, of interdependence. We poison the caddis flies in the stream and the salmon runs dwindle … We spray our elms and following springs are silent of robin song, not because we sprayed the robins directly but because the poison traveled, step by step, through the now familiar elm-leaf-earthworm-robin cycle. These are matters of record, observable, part of the visible world around us. They reflect the web of life-or-death that scientists know as ecology.” 

Biologist and author Rachel Carson at home with pet cat Moppet on 24 September 1962. Photograph: Alfred Eisenstaedt/Getty Image 
(photo source: The Guardian – “What is the Legacy of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring?”

Essay by environmentalist Sandra Steingraber on Rachel Carson, woven into Steingraber’s account of the environmental catastrophe of fracking that is currently occurring in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the United States. (Published in Orion Magazine, Sept/Oct 2012 issue.)

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