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22 October 2012

Interview with Gary Hirschberg, Chairman of Stonyfield Farms and Founder of the "Just Label It" Campaign Endorsing Labeling of Genetically Modified Food in California

The following video is an interview by Bill Maher with Gary Hirschberg, Chairman of Stonyfield Farms.  The company is an organic yoghurt business which "helps support hundreds of family farms and keeps over 200,000 agricultural acres free of persistent pesticides and other chemicals commonly used on non-organic farms and known to contaminate soil, drinking water, air and food."  Hirschberg is also founder of the “Just Label It” campaign endorsing a “yes” vote on California’s Proposition 37 – labeling of genetically modified (GM) foods.  It is a dash of humor added to a very serious issue.  On a scale of evil from 1 to 10, Monsanto would be 11.

Some 527 million pounds of pesticides have been used on GM crops (corn, soy, canola, sugar beets …) since their introduction in 1996.  Due to growing weed resistance, the herbicide 2 4-D, “which is 50% Agent Orange”, is now being sprayed on GM crops.  The increased use of these pesticides and cultivation of GM crops (which provide part of the food that we eat and feed for animals) could explain the growth in allergies and other health problems.  In the near future in the United States, 1 in 3 children will have type 2 diabetes, 1 in 2 will be obese, and 4 in 10 persons will be diagnosed with cancer.

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