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28 October 2012

More Than One Trillion Animals Are Killed Every Year for Food

More and more persons throughout the world embrace meat-eating, without thought given to the suffering and exploitation of animals. More than one trillion animals are killed every year around the world for food. Read the following and view the non-graphic video, "Pigs Fly", from Animals Australia about its campaign to end factory farming practices. Australia’s leading supermarket chain, Coles, and others are moving to phase out use of factory farms. 

Zoe Weil, President of the Institute for Humane Education, has worked for 25 years to end the oppression and exploitation of animals.  She has written an excellent article on how we treat animals, “Including Animals in Our Circle of Concern”, published 29 April 2011 on Common Dreams.

“It is my fervent hope,” wrote Weil, “that all [those] concerned with human rights and environmental preservation will embrace a more expansive ethic that includes other species, and that we’ll come to acknowledge that treating everyone with respect and care – humans, nonhumans, and the environment – is part and parcel of creating a just and healthy world. We can begin by assessing the ways in which our daily choices - what we eat, wear, and buy - can be an expression of justice and compassion toward people, animals and the environment.”

Following are verbatim parts of the text of the article:

Tens of billions of land animals (chickens, turkeys, cows, pigs, and sheep) are tortured in modern factory farms. They are confined so intensely they often cannot move. They are mutilated (castrated, dehorned, de-beaked, de-toed, branded) without any painkillers or anesthesia. Farmed animals are then dispatched in slaughterhouses so sped up to increase profits that millions wind up dying as they bleed to death hanging upside down or in a scalding tank.

Our system of meat procurement is not only unimaginably abusive to animals, it has contributed to a host of problems, from environmental catastrophes such as soil erosion, water pollution and depletion, global warming, deforestation, ocean dead zones, and poisoned and depleted populations of sea animals, to human health problems such as escalating rates of various cancers, heart disease, strokes, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, mercury poisoning, antibiotic resistance. Choosing to eat fewer or no animals or animal products, would not only go far towards our own health (and save massive amounts of money on healthcare), but also towards slowing global warming and protecting our environment.

The rest of the trillion animals are creatures of the sea, victims of long line fishing and nets that gobble up everyone and everything in their path, laying waste to the oceans and causing species to become endangered or extinct.

The atrocities of human experimentation have been exposed, but too often [we] remain mute when it comes to animal experimentation… There is no animal experiment, no matter how cruel or frivolous that is against the law in the United States. Tens of millions of sentient animals suffer and die in laboratories, often for such things as testing new and improved personal care and cleaning products and weapons.

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