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21 October 2012

North America's First Fully Digital Hospital: "Wireless Technology Everywhere to Enhance the Care Delivery Process"

North America’s first digital hospital, equipped with smart beds … wireless technology everywhere to “enhance the care delivery process.” Is this the first hospital built to harm patients?  Read this excerpt from the article on Toronto’s Humber River Regional Hospital: “Breaking Ground on North America’s First Fully Digital Hospital”, published in H News on 6 February 2012

Breaking Ground on North America's First Fully Digital Hospital

Toronto’s Humber River Regional Hospital (HRRH) is breaking ground on a new approach to patient-centred care; empowering patients and using state-of-the-art technology to enhance the care delivery process...

One of the main goals for the new hospital is to streamline the communications allowing for the integration of biomedical equipment; patient care systems; building; administration and operational systems, providing staff and patients with instant access to information. The opportunity to make immediate connections and the ability to make these connections through a variety of mobile communication methods will facilitate patient care.

From the bedside, patients will have access to their electronic health record, including test results, images and a schedule of upcoming examinations. They can also collaborate with their care providers using social networking tools such as instant messaging and video conferencing. They can use the same tools to stay in touch with family and friends, keeping up to date on their kids’ homework, or their grandkids latest soccer game.

Smart beds will constantly monitor a patient’s vital signs, activities and automatically upgrade their electronic healthcare record. Results outside projected values will trigger instant alerts, including stat and code calls for serious circumstances. We will know if a patient is restless, allowing staff providers to give immediate attention to those patients prone to falling out of bed.

Smart technology in patient rooms will allow patients to control lights, window coverings, room temperature, access multi-language educational materials and order food from a bedside terminal.

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