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23 November 2012

Australian Pediatrician, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Speaks in Japan About the Effect of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster on Children

Australian pediatrician, Dr. Helen Caldicott speaks in Japan about the effect of the Fukushima nuclear disaster on children. (Source:  Energy News, 20 November 2012)

“Some of these children almost certainly are bound to develop cancer of the thyroid. And indeed one 12 year old boy has already been diagnosed with it. And a girl aged about 16 may have already developed cancer. They are testing her now.

“It took 5 years for the children around Chernobyl to develop cancer. These children are showing symptoms and signs that they may well develop cancer in the future, indicating that they got a really high dose of radiation, higher than at Chernobyl. [...]

“I predict we’ll see an epidemic of leukemia and cancer and congenital malformations in this exposed population over the next 70 years or longer. [...]”

Watch the video here (10 min.) - with Japanese subtitles

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