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05 November 2012

DECT Cordless Phones and Blood Pressure

Most of my friends have DECT cordless phones in their homes. One of the main sources of electromagnetic pollution in my flat comes from a neighbor's DECT phone.   The author of this case history, Martin Virnich, PhD, who is an electrical engineer and leading building biology professional, concludes that individual health symptoms are observed well below ICNIRP-based exposure limits, that we need to test for a broad spectrum of electromagnetic fields, and that “by substantially reducing exposure levels, the overall health status improves and disease symptoms can even disappear.” 

2005 Case History 2 - DECT Cordless Phones and Blood Pressure
by Martin Virnich, PhD

It is rare to have such ideal study conditions: An extremely high blood pressure episode causes a patient to seek help at the ER, where his blood pressure is quickly stabilized and returns to normal. After a one-week stay at the hospital, he returns home and his blood pressure goes up again. The ambient RF radiation levels are very low, the indoor wireless transmitter, a DECT cordless phone base station, is disabled, and the patient is convinced that it must be some other environmental factor that keeps his blood pressure that high. So in this case the fear of electrosmog cannot be blamed for any adverse reactions.

Little did he know, however, that the charging station for a second handset continued to transmit—according to the Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines—significant RF signals, immersing his sleeping area in RF exposure levels of 140 µW/m2—well below official exposure limits as well as below various precautionary guidelines. As soon as this second charger was disabled, his blood pressure returned to normal. The statistical analysis sends a clear message.

Full Text Online: Case History 2 – DECT Cordless Phones and Blood Pressure
Original paper in German: Fallbeispiel 2 – DECT und Bluthochdruck

By Dr.-Ing., Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Martin H. Virnich

Paper presented at Health and Wireless Communication Technologies Conference,
2 September 2005, ETH Zurich Center , Swiss Association of Building Biology/Building Ecology :

Health and Wireless Communication Technologies / The Situation in Germany and the Experience of Building Biology Professionals
Excerpt: Case History 2 – DECT Cordless Phones and Blood Pressure

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