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25 November 2012

Smart Meters: The Winter Solstice Tsunami of 2012

Asia with single whisker on each side
Following is the first part of an article from about the effects of electromagnetic radiation generated by smart meters on a cat. The author, who took care of the cat, comments that “very few smart meter ratepayers are aware of the complexity of this new technology, and the resulting security, safety, and health hazards.” This is exactly the type of reaction we are experiencing from wireless technology users who, when told about potential risks are “disturbed”, surprised that there could be potential health effects - they never heard about this. Their reaction is that they do not want to know about it. They are mostly young people, growing up with this technology and using it all the time. They cannot see what could replace it. In the past we got along without having to talk on phones or accessing the Internet anywhere at any time. Young people do not know anything else and cannot do without this technology.

Smart Meters: The Winter Solstice Tsunami of 2012
by Patricia Burke, Alternative Medicine, 23 November 2012 (first part of article)

During the summer of 2012, I housesat in Medfield, MA, a suburb of Boston. After a short time, I began feeling an in-rush of disruptive energy blanketing the neighborhood, inside the house and out, approximately every other hour, every day and night. I have felt this phenomenon before, on the West coast as well as the East, and because of it I have moved fourteen times in four years, without success.

The young cat I cared for was struggling during the summer. Now Asia is biting herself and tearing at her skin and fur with her teeth, scratching deeply enough to draw blood. She has ripped off most of her whiskers and the hair on her ears, which are antennas for a cat.

The cat attacks herself along her Stomach and Gall Bladder meridian pathways. These are two of the twelve primary electromagnetic pathways in the human as well as the feline energy field. Because both the gallbladder and the stomach are hollow organs, they can perform bodyguard-like roles by speeding up their function to discharge dangerous energies. I know that the environment is causing my body to react, but the cat only feels the painful burning along her meridian lines, and she is instinctively lashing out at them. Like me, she also experiences urgent thirst whenever the invasive in-rush occurs. This is because our electrical systems are under siege.

Many individuals who experience symptoms attributed to stress or fatigue are using stimulants, sedatives and pain relievers that mask symptoms. Asia and I have reached the point where multiple energy systems are now involved and several organs are in a simultaneous state of overcharge and exhaustion. Our biorhythms are no longer synchronized by the sun because the energies have been diverted to defend our lives, and all aspects of digestion, assimilation and elimination are operating in off-rhythm ways.

We are each in a degenerative tailspin.

The cat lives in a neighborhood surrounded by 8 towers and 85 antennas in a four- mile radius. Inside the home are cordless phones, cell phones and Wi-Fi each emitting different frequencies.

What has most likely driven the cat and increasing numbers of humans to the breaking point is the new juxtaposition of pulsed microwave radiation generated by the deployment of the smart meter grid across the United States. Very few ratepayers are aware of the complexity of this new technology, and the resulting security, safety, and health hazards. Activists in communities worldwide are attempting to raise awareness, because they perceive correctly that humanity is at the eleventh hour.

Each autumn seems to be a vulnerable time for Asia, but this year the magnitude of her suffering raises the question of her quality of life. She has retreated to the downstairs bathroom, sleeping in the sink and eating, drinking and eliminating within two confined rooms at the mid-point of radiation from the antenna-laden water tower up the hill from the house and the pulsing electric meter on the other side.

Although her health was faltering when I saw her in August, by October she bears the same look I saw in college videos of animal experimentation, when electric shocks were administered randomly and the animal had no control over its experience. Bruno Bettelheim and others have written about how this technique broke the spirit of prisoners in Nazi Germany.

Despite her constant licking and meticulous hygiene, she does not smell like a cat, and I do not smell like a human either. Asia now looks a prisoner of war who has been subjected to torture. She gazes out into space, not making eye contact, on alert and overcharge but also hopeless and exhausted.

She is 6 years old. I suspect that she will not be here in February to greet the Chinese New Year celebration of the Year of the Water Snake. She is an empty shell, and, like me, she knows that the tsunami of 2012 has already arrived.


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    http://vimeo.com/36960439 (Washington, DC PEPCO Smart Meter Going Haywire - (Measured by Trifield Meter on 2/16/12)



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