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24 November 2012

Thyroid Disease Rate Spiked to 43.7% of Children Living in Fukushima City

Posted by Mochizuki, Fukushima Diary, 11 September 2012

Thyroid disease rate spiked to 43.7%, “About 1 in 2 children have nodule or cyst in Fukushima city”

Healthy children are decreasing in Fukushima.

43.7% of children turned out to have nodules or cysts in Fukushima city.

Fukushima local government conducted thyroid test for under 18 living in Fukushima city.

The target persons were 53,619 and 44,959(83.8%)had the test. The test was conducted from 5/14 to 8/31/2012.

On 9/11/2012, they released the result of 42,060 of them, which they finished the test with by 8/24/2012. (The results from 8/25 to 8/31/2012 are not published yet.)

The result showed 18,119 (43.1%) of them have thyroid nodules (≦5.0mm) or cysts (≦20.0mm) and 239 (0.6%) of them have thyroid nodules (≧5.1mm) or cyst (≧20.1mm). In total, 43.7% of the children who had the test in Fukushima city turned out to have nodules and cysts.

In their previous test, it was 35.8%, which means it spiked up by 7.9%. (cf. Thyroid nodules rate in Fukushima is 20 time higher than in Chernobyl)

The ratio of women to have nodules and cysts (≧3.1m) was 130% of the one of men. 

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