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06 November 2012

Weaver Birds

Something to refresh readers' minds and eyes ... weaver birds :

Ever try to weave a basket out of grasses or palm fronds? It's a bit difficult, right? Takes a while to get the hang of it? Well what if you tried to weave a basket using just your mouth and starting out with one piece of grass? It'd be really tough, right? But it's nothing for the weaverbird!

Weavers are small birds related to finches. There are an incredible 57 species of weavers and all have their own styles and strategies for building elaborate nests, but no matter the various styles or materials used, all are mind-blowing.


Typically it is the male birds that build the nests as a way to woo females. The better the builder, the more likely he is to find a mate. Many species start out with just a single strand of plant fiber and begin the seemingly miraculous project from there.

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