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07 December 2012

Electrosmogged !

ARA's brochure
(Awareness materials in French are
available here on ARA's site.)

Recently, I went to a senior activity place in Geneva to leave the brochure of a wireless safety advocacy group (ARA - www.alerte.ch) for participants in a workshop on how to use cell phones.  I believed that sharing this brochure with the parents and grandparents of children who use this wireless technology would help raise awareness of this issue with both generations.  Imagine my disappointment – and shock – when the person responsible for the workshop would not allow me to leave the brochure for the event, nor anywhere on the premises of the senior center!  The center is subsidized by the City of Geneva which is very pro-wireless:  Wi-Fi has been installed in over 250 places in the city:  nearly all the municipal libraries, parks, theaters, social centers, hospitals … and soon in public transport etc.   This is a public health issue and it is scandalous and irresponsible on the part of the political and health authorities to ignore it.

To be fair, the persons responsible at the senior center suggested a debate between young users of wireless technology and people who understand that there is a health risk.  Also, the cover of the advocacy group’s brochure is provocative:  it shows a cell phone being held to one’s head like a gun and says, “Telephomania and WiFimania can seriously harm your health.”

Nearly everyone in the city has a cell phone.  People talk loudly on their cell phones in the buses and trams.  They plow ahead on the sidewalks, texting, without paying attention to whom or what is in front of them.  They are clueless about health effects.  If they were told, they would not believe any of it because they are addicted to their gadgets and cannot live without them.

The authorities are just as oblivious.  I have written, in my capacity as concerned “citizen”, to the City of Geneva authorities concerning the risks of Wi-Fi and to the Geneva Association of Physicians regarding wireless technology risks in general, especially to children.  Neither one has replied.  Now, the advocacy group has written an open letter to the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences requesting a list of physicians in French-speaking Switzerland (Suisse romande) specialized in treatment of persons suffering from chemical substance intoxication and/or the syndrome of intolerance to electromagnetic fields.  The letter is posted on my blog in French – with the image of the three monkeys:  “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,” which about sums up the attitude of physicians in Suisse romande and just about everyone else.  The Academy has delivered a discouraging reply, saying they know nothing and have referred to the Swiss group, Physicians in Favor of the Environment.

 When persons begin shouting down their cell phones in public transport, I would like to whip out the brochure or sign of a cell phone with a red line drawn through it and the words, “Insup-portable (“unbearable” –“ portable” is French for cell phone), but people are so aggressive and violent in this city, I would be afraid of someone pulling a knife on me. 

And why are they so inconsiderate, nervous and aggressive?  Perhaps because the city is bathed in electrosmog. 

by Meris Michaels

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