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22 December 2012

Generation X'd Out: An End to the Human Race as We've Known It?

"The scientific evidence is massive and irrefutable. Our little ones face a lifetime of disability, pain and deprivation from ever-increasing torrents of man-made, commercial radiation capable of destroying human genetic integrity. If you believe that humanity should NOT be reduced to a species of genetic freaks on the way to extinction, assist the radiation awareness movement by doing your own research and then sharing with others the documented information on wireless hazards to human DNA.

"There is no time to waste while confronted with the life-and-death issues associated with the brazen wireless radiation assault upon our kids. Our mission requires persistence, patience and sacrifice. It is high time that we speak up and take action now—for the sake of the helpless and the unborn. What we do and say today will hugely affect generations to come."

Generation X’d Out:   An end to the human race as we've known it?

by Amy Worthington, June, 2011. (Warning! - Following are extracts only from the second part of her essay on “Generation X-Ray” – click here for article in full.)

Babies born to GENERATION X-RAY may be on the fast track to humanity's genetic DEAD END.

The term "Generation X-ray" refers to youth addicted to communicating and recreating with wireless devices—cell phones, PDAs, WiFi computers and music/gaming equipment. These wireless devices emit high-frequency microwave radiation, recently demonstrated by European researchers to efficiently inflict the same horrific damage on human cells as X-radiation.

Surveys reveal that the average American child under 18 now spends several hours a day irradiating himself with his cell phone "toy." Meantime, Swedish scientists report that children and teens who use cell phones are up to five times more likely than non-users to suffer glioma brain cancer. Gliomas are among the most difficult to treat and deadly of human cancers. Children who use cordless household phones have over four times the risk of developing brain tumors.

The far-reaching health hazards to children and teens from wireless technology are well-documented in part one of this Idaho Observer series: Generation X-ray: Child Victims of Technological Abuse. While the European Parliament and governments around the world are calling for stricter limits on wireless exposure for kids, Gen X-ray continues to ride the down escalator towards disintegrating health and premature death.

Most tragically, because our young people have received no official warning from U.S health agencies, they unknowingly micro-cook their sperm, ova and fetuses with a radiation known to be just as mutagenic and teratogenic as gamma wave radiation from nuclear fallout. The science is clear. Babies born to the hard-core wireless generation will suffer a high probability of genetic corruption from their very seed.

We see them everywhere now. Armies of American women of childbearing age roam dazed through shopping centers with transmitting cell phones pressed firmly to their heads. Often with forlorn pre-schoolers traipsing behind, these gals wander the aisles getting "stoned" on microwaves. The opiod-like "high" they glean from skull-piercing phone radiation is documented in animal studies to habituate like nicotine.1 No one has told them that an extended cell phone "fix" enshrouds their bodies in high-frequency electromagnetic energy with potential to unleash devastating effects on both their living and future offspring.

Across America, young, uninsured, low-paid retail and service employees are required to wear powerful "push-to-talk" radios equipped with large, cackling antennas. Capable of propagating high frequency energy for miles at the speed of light, these devices are worn just millimeters away from delicate reproductive cells. Mega and gigahertz microwaves are documented to damage both sperm and ova. Yet, employers are not required by law to warn these exploited youngsters of possible reproductive damage.

Myriad office workers are encumbered with wireless blue tooth regalia, including headsets and remotes worn in pockets or on belt clips. Wireless "Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)" computer systems and "bluetooth" charging bases are part of the mix. Office blue tooth systems allow connectivity and freedom of movement, but for hours each day, workers swim in an invisible miasma of microwave frequencies. No law requires that workers be provided with up-to-date information on the possibility that this continuous exposure puts them at risk for miscarriages or deformed offspring.

Tower and rooftop antennas now heavily bombard college campuses, schools and playgrounds with modulating communications microwaves. Many classrooms and libraries are degraded with mind-numbing WiFi frequencies documented to short-circuit the nervous system, disrupt learning ability and impair sleep patterns. Wireless systems emit not only microwaves, but also a smorgasbord of extremely low frequencies (ELFs), shown in numerous studies to raise the risk of childhood leukemia and tumors later in life.  Educators teach kids the platitudes of the day, but never discuss how years of captivity in radiation-toxic classrooms may make them sterile, or encumber their future with genetically damaged progeny.

DNA is the crux of the matter

For the sake of human survival, mankind must quickly master this critical fact: modern wireless technology is capable of causing the genetic destruction of humans as a species. Microwave radiation used for wireless communications and surveillance is extremely injurious to human DNA. It is therefore also destructive to both the human genome and the epigenetic chemical switches which control expression of the genes…

The systematic microwave destruction of Generation X-ray’s DNA, including radical damage to chromosomes, is guaranteed to yield a bounteous harvest of sterility, spontaneous abortion (miscarriage), altered offspring sex ratios, embryo growth retardation, increased perinatal morbidity, fetal malformation, premature birth, low birth weight and cognitive dysfunction in infants.

Wireless radiation is repeating history

REFLEX studies confirm that a transmitting cell phone broadcasting microwaves into living tissue is essentially an X-ray machine in the context of DNA damage. Scientists say it requires only one DNA mutation to generate a cancer condition. Most tragically, a cancer condition can manifest in babies and very young children born with damaged DNA…

Thanks to powerful vested interests who use political power and a concerted information blackout to obscure the realities of science, millions of uninformed women expose their fetuses to unlimited amounts of near-field wireless radiation. None have been officially warned that microwaves are demonstrated in labs across the world to cause cellular and genetic damage identical to that of both ionizing radiation and dangerous chemicals.

What is most disheartening is that, commensurate with the rapid and basically unregulated deployment of wireless technology over the last two decades, our childhood cancer rates are off the scale. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in American children, superseded only by accidents. More school children will die of cancer than any other disease.

Are we cooking our eggs?

Perhaps no tissue in the human body is more radiation sensitive than the "granulosa" cells of the developing and mature ovarian follicles in human female ovaries. Human females are born with their eggs. The chemical or radiation damage sustained by these cells before women conceive absolutely determines the success of future pregnancies, as well as the health of babies. But how many school girls today understand that sitting with wireless computers on their laps exposes their ova to the equivalent of continuous X-radiation?

"Cell phones give off radiation any time they are turned on so that they can communicate with base stations," says IOU Bloomfield, PhD, professor of physics at the University of Virginia.8 This means that even on stand-by, a cell phone emits imperceptible radio signals into the body of a woman wearing that phone near her ovaries…

UK physicist and radiation expert Professor Barrie Trower explains how wireless microwaves can radically alter human genetics through mitochondrial damage: "Permanent low level microwave exposure induces chronic nitrosative and oxidative stress to human cells. The mitochondrial DNA is even more susceptible to this stress than the DNA in the cell nucleus and it can become irreversibly damaged. Damaged mtDNA causes mitochondropathy, which is transmitted by the maternal egg from mother to daughter through each succeeding generation forever. Mitochondropathy is at the root of many inheritable illnesses including MS, Parkinson’s, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s and cancer."

Each time a wireless device begins transmitting data near a woman’s ovaries, that radiation endangers the integrity of the mtDNA in egg cells slated to become embryos. Yet millions of girls and young women wear and utilize these wireless X-rayers near their reproductive organs with no informed concern whatsoever…

Damaged reproductive cells can make damaged babies

Like damaged ova cells, damaged sperm produced by millions of Generation X-rayers has the potential to make damaged babies…

When chromosome damage to reproductive germ cells is slight and there is no actual loss of genetic material, the offspring will be viable. But the damage can become increasingly apparent in each successive generation. NATO experts note that radiation effects may be reflected in not only first generation offspring but also in subsequent generations. They confirm that mutations are "permanent in regards to future generations."  By 2002, British researchers announced that they had obtained a partial understanding of the mechanisms by which radiation damage can be inherited by generations down the line.

Germane to the issue is growing evidence that many environmental factors experienced by previous generations can have a magnified effect on descendants decades later. For example, there appears to be a strong link between the diet of grandparents and both the diabetes rate and life expectancy of their grandchildren. Epigeneticists now believe that the ramifications of famine may actually be imprinted on human eggs and sperm.  In 2005, California researchers reported that grandmothers who smoke are twice as likely to have grandchildren who develop childhood asthma.

If diet and toxin anomalies in one generation can trigger transgenerational traits in progeny decades down the line, how devastating will be the effects of our microwave-rich environment on the offspring of the ultra-irradiated Generation X-ray? If diabetes and asthma can be passed down through the lifestyle habits of grandparents, what will be the penalty paid by Generation X’d Out, whose progenitors are now sustaining massive eye, ear, brain and reproductive damage from unfettered exposure to wireless products?

It may be a century (too late) before scientists fully understand the devastating ramifications of what was bequeathed to posterity, decades before they were born, by the uninformed consumers of today’s wireless world.

Pregnancy and electromagnetic frequencies don’t mix

… There are an estimated one million miscarriages in the U.S. every year. The two main causes of miscarriage are chromosomal abnormalities and problems in the intrauterine environment. Among the most potent environmental risks for miscarriage is not only ionizing radiation, but also non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation across the spectrum, especially microwaves. In the late ‘90s, French scientists confirmed that chick embryos exposed to cell phone radiation during their 21-day incubation period were five times less likely to survive than unexposed chicks.

… On August 22, 2008, ABC News affirmed that of the 23 richest countries in the world, the U.S. has the highest infant mortality rate. One third of infant deaths are due to premature birth, with one in eight U.S. babies born premature. Microwave radiation is indicted for causing both premature births and low fetal birth weight.

Toxic chemicals + rays = double trouble

An exacerbating effect on America’s deplorable pregnancy statistics may be a deadly combination of both chemical and radiation toxicity during pregnancy. In 2005, a report by the Environmental Working Group revealed that unborn babies in the uterus are "soaking in a stew of chemicals." Researchers had found 287 chemical contaminants in umbilical cord blood. Of those chemicals, 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system and 208 cause birth defects in animals.30 It is not just industrial chemicals that threaten the unborn. Over 90 percent of the hundreds of medical drugs approved by the FDA between 1980 and 2000 have never been properly tested or labeled for their teratogenic potential.

Such radical chemical contamination of the human species is especially dangerous in the wireless age because RF/microwaves are known to increase the effects of some chemical mutagens. A 1996 report from Belgium showed that close range exposure to microwaves emanating from wireless communications base stations increased the effects of a DNA-damaging agent on human blood cells, leading to increased chromosomal aberrations.   A 2008 medical report from Iran says that mobile phone radiation causes the release of a significant amount of mercury into the mucous membranes of people with amalgam restorations (tooth fillings).

Common sense tells us that a combination of toxic chemicals and toxic radiation can amplify damage to human tissues, especially in the fetus. While domestic and international exposure standards for wireless radiation are being debated in general, there are no standardized advisories on the subject available to the public. A 2005 paper on the sensitivity of children to electromagnetic fields, published by the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, admits that studies of the effects of electromagnetic fields on pregnancy are completely inadequate.   Therefore, pregnant women and their physicians are forced to adopt individual precautionary measures regarding both toxic chemical and wireless radiation exposure during pregnancy…

We can see the damage

An estimated one in 20 babies born in the U.S. each year has an obvious birth defect. That equates to about 200,000 babies per about four million live births annually. Many additional childhood defects and impairments can be subtle, requiring years to become apparent. Millions of parents now cope with often inexplicable child health problems, including severe allergies, diabetes, body weight abnormalities, plus serious eye, ear and skin conditions.

Perhaps the most alarming epidemic among our younger generations involves the increasing incidence of neurological and developmental delay disorders. The 2003 National Survey of Children’s Health found that one in five American children has a learning disability or attention deficit disorder. Studies through decades link these conditions to toxic environmental conditions, including microwave radiation exposure.

A recent study of over 13,000 Danish women confirms that women who had used cell phones during pregnancy produced children who were 54 percent more likely to manifest hyperactivity and difficulties with conduct and emotion by the time they entered school. Coordinated by American and Danish scientists, this survey found that if children exposed to cell phone radiation in the womb later used cell phones themselves, they were 80 percent more likely to suffer behavior and emotional problems than children who were not exposed...

The powers-that-be don’t want this information made public

…Today, almost all wireless health studies in the U.S. are funded by a tangled web of special interest groups which directly or indirectly profit from the wireless industry. These tainted, conflicted-interest studies routinely give wireless radiation a clean bill of health. "A lot of studies done right now are done purely as PR tools for the industry," confirms Dr. Phillips.

The wireless industry is enabled and subsidized by the U.S. government, which also has an array of economic and political reasons for obfuscating microwave health issues. The reality is, the feds and the wireless industry are up to their proverbial necks in liability if the potent teratogenicity of microwaves becomes widely understood. Therefore, those who increasingly microwave-pollute both military and civilian populations have thus far demonstrated their willingness to "lie and deny" regarding the dangers of RF/microwaves…

Thirty years later the fox still rules

…The United States now has about 2 million licensed cellular communications installations and antennas blanketing the nation with pulsed data transmission microwaves. Wireless communications antennas operate in the same electromagnetic spectrum as radar antennas. Radar emissions can range from 3 megahertz to 110 gigahertz, which includes the numerous bands used for cell phone and other wireless services. Before the wireless revolution, radar exposure was contained mostly to military installations and airport areas. Now mobile communication installations expose nearly everyone to massive, incessant doses of chromosome-damaging energy within the radar spectrum.

The wireless industry says that it must continue to increase its nationwide network of microwave antennas in our neighborhoods, commercial centers, parks and school zones. It says that the emergence of broadband services— which enable cell phone video/gaming/music plus data downloads for e-mail and business applications—demands ever more network capacity.  To meet increasing consumer demand for an evolving array of third generation wireless products and services, the industry says it is dividing its service areas into smaller cells, requiring more transmitters in tighter spaces. Service providers are reducing the height of existing antenna poles, while rushing to attach thousands of new antennas to buildings and structures of all kinds, even utility poles. Meanwhile, WiMAX promoters are setting up powerful new WiFi networks across the nation.

If informed Americans cannot reverse this trend, eventually no one anywhere will escape a tsunami of a pernicious, mutagenic radiation that permeates and punishes our bodies 24 hours a day…

Many babies are condemned to radiation-toxic homes

When an infant escapes his hospital transmitter, he may be taken to a home where wireless reigns. These days a baby’s first habitat may be a den of electromagnetic wave pollution gushing from wireless computer systems, microwave ovens, gigahertz baby monitors, home security systems and the nefarious, always-broadcasting Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone (DECT) bases.

Baby’s home may also be near communications transmitters which spew into his neighborhood--into his very bassinet--a torrent of microwave radiation heard as a high pitched scream by audio detection equipment. Microwave frequencies emitted 24/7 by neighborhood transmitters pass easily through most construction materials to enter dwellings, then resonate off objects to reverberate into human flesh.

While still toddlers, the children of Generation X-ray will likely be encouraged to use cell and cordless household phones, devices which will deeply infiltrate tiny skulls with additional mega-doses of electro-dissonance. A most troubling aspect is the 2005 medical study completed in India which found that adults exposed to as little as one hour of cell phone radiation per day have an average of 40 to 60 percent of their cells manifesting damaged DNA.

What tragedies lurk in the future for Generation X-ray’s children who bear subtle DNA aberrations from before conception, then sustain additional DNA damage during their formative years in a full-throttle wireless world? How many generations can sustain 40-60 percent DNA damage before humanity becomes so genetically compromised that it is literally threatened with extinction?

Is the global wireless revolution a population reduction project?

There is an intriguing possibility that the global torrent of ever-increasing wireless radiation might be an important link in a furtive master plan to drastically reduce the world’s population…

Chilling is the possibility that there might exist a mindset among ruling elites that humans who make it through the gauntlet of pre-conception radiation and radiation-induced spontaneous abortion should have their lives drastically shortened to spare societies the economic burden of elderly people.

Governments and the wireless communications industry stampeding humanity into compulsory and continuous wireless exposure are undoubtedly apprised of the hundreds of medical studies demonstrating that low level communications microwaves not only initiate, but also nourish and promote human cancers. The perpetrators must also be aware of the widespread circulatory and cardiac damage being unleashed by the wireless revolution. Cell phone radiation quickly causes red blood cells to clump together and also to leak hemoglobin. These abnormal blood conditions can precipitate heart disease, kidney stones and strokes.

A recent medical study found that both fetuses and newborns exposed to cell phone radiation while their mothers conversed for 10 minutes experienced significant increases in heart rate and worrisome decreases in cardiac output.  Thus we see that the wireless age endangers the life blood, even the very hearts of the tiny ones fated to be born as "Generation X’d Out."

What can we do to save the babies?

An amoral and ravenous congressional-military-industrial complex has groomed the youngsters of Generation X-ray to become hard-core patriots of wireless technology in the same ruthless way the asbestos and tobacco industries seduced and murdered generations past. The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) boasts on its website that teenagers, defined as a "huge consumer market segment," are currently pumping $100 billion a year into the industry’s coffers.

Deceived and used as pawns, our youngsters are left utterly ignorant concerning the devastating wireless radiation hazards to themselves and their posterity. When young people are told about the hazards of anything, they traditionally discard the facts and pursue their chosen avenues of self gratification as predictable acts of rebellion.

Generation X-ray is no different in its obsession with wireless conveniences; it seems content to live in a self-absorbed universe devoid of logic, critical thinking and accountability. Many youth appear incapable of caring about future generations. We are no longer a nation of healthy free-thinkers, but a nation of obsessive, sickly phone button punchers, virtual game players and compulsive text messengers.

Given the science, such ignorance and apathy ensures that millions of new and innocent lives are destined for cruel suffering and impairment. Thanks to a silent but violent electromagnetic enemy that is destroying their fragile DNA, newborns tumbling into our barbaric wireless age are creatures of a zillion possibilities of chromosomal disarray, including nervous system damage, deformed limbs, endocrine disruption and unhinged metabolic function.

Yet, hopefully, some of our young people planning to bear children are still morally and intellectually able to comprehend and act upon the latest scientific information gathered for this paper. We can also hope that older parents and grandparents apprised of these facts will exert their influence to protect the genetics of their progeny. Those who want healthy babies must take the minimal following steps:

1. Accept the well-documented fact that microwave radiation from wireless devices is as mutagenic, teratogenic and dangerous to fetuses and infants as ionizing X-radiation and gamma waves.

2. Never wear or use any wireless device near reproductive organs. If you are female and have been exposing your ovaries to years of near-field wireless radiation, think carefully before you decide to become pregnant. If you are a male, and plan to father children, make sure that you stop using wireless devices well in advance of fertilization to reduce the chance of procreation with damaged sperm.

3. Learn to test your personal environment for wireless microwave contamination. If you are pregnant or plan to be, remove yourself from microwave-contaminated areas at any cost. Never stand near a microwave oven when pregnant, as all such ovens leak radiation and can affect a large area.

4. Prudent avoidance of routine pregnancy ultrasound scans is the best policy, says Internet health advisor Dr. Joseph Mercola. These scans should be used only in the event of medical necessity, he advises.

5. Refuse to have your newborn radio-tagged by your birthing hospital. Since a tracking system requires a fog of ambient RF/microwave radiation which could affect even non-tagged infants, it is prudent to choose a hospital which does not employ wireless systems in the maternity ward, or have your baby at home.

6. Make sure that your infant is nurtured in a microwave-free home. Remove all DECT cordless phones, wireless security systems, wLAN wireless communications systems and microwave ovens. Never microwave-heat infant formulas or food.

7. Make sure that cell tower or roof top communications antennas are not poisoning your home. If you discover that your neighborhood lies in the down beam of microwave antennas, which are saturating the interior of your home with a dangerous carcinogen, either take steps to apply expensive radiation barrier materials, or move to a radiation-free zone.

8. Never use any wireless device while near an infant or young child. Drastically reduce the use of all personal wireless devices, and reserve their use for emergency communication. The more people use cell phones in their homes, the more transmitters will be placed in our neighborhoods.

9. Retain your home and office landlines. Telecom companies are using pricing incentives to encourage the elimination of landline connections because air interface is more profitable. Unless we can educate enough people in time, our options for safe landline communications may vanish, leaving our kids at even more risk.

The scientific evidence is massive and irrefutable. Our little ones face a lifetime of disability, pain and deprivation from ever-increasing torrents of man-made, commercial radiation capable of destroying human genetic integrity. If you believe that humanity should NOT be reduced to a species of genetic freaks on the way to extinction, assist the radiation awareness movement by doing your own research and then sharing with others the documented information on wireless hazards to human DNA.

There is no time to waste while confronted with the life-and-death issues associated with the brazen wireless radiation assault upon our kids. Our mission requires persistence, patience and sacrifice. It is high time that we speak up and take action now—for the sake of the helpless and the unborn. What we do and say today will hugely affect generations to come.

(This article has 75 references.)

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