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18 December 2012

The Boss of Belgacom (Belgian Telecoms Operator) Explains to School Children that GSM is Dangerous

The spokesperson for Belgacom (Belgian operator), while trying to minimize scientific knowledge about the danger of cell phones, confirms in the press that its director, Didier Bellens, has switched off Wi-Fi and limits his cell phone use which he qualifies as dangerous. He reminds people of the position of WHO which classified waves from cell phones as 2B - “possibly carcinogenic”. Didier Bellens initiates schoolchildren in the dangers of the Internet. He explains to children that GSM is bad and dangerous to health. 

Didier Bellens, the boss of Belgacom (Belgian Telecoms Operator), Explains that GSM is Dangerous
Sudinfo.be (Sudpresse), 25 November 2011 (translated from French)

Generally, a boss never criticizes the product he sells. Even when it is regularly targeted by studies on its potential harmfulness.

But Didier Bellens obviously is having little to do with this business rule. The man who is at the head of Belgacom and Proximus initiated school children on Tuesday about the dangers of the Internet, in the charming company of Justine Henin. The initiative was implemented in partnership with Child Focus and Microsoft.

And when a child asks questions about the dangers of cell phones, the boss of the main GSM operator in the country does not mince words. He explains to the children of the School Center of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre that GSM is bad and dangerous to health.

“During the day, it is better to use a headset because GSM heats up,” he explained first. “The waves are dangerous. At night, it is better to switch it off. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, you must also turn it off.”

As for Internet surfing, the boss of Belgacom discourages it: “It is good, but attention, it’s expensive. Wait until you are at home to use Wi-Fi.”

Surprising words that make the journalist Marc Debont of Télé-Bruxelles smile. He immediately shared them on Twitter.

When contacted, the spokesperson for Belgacom is not surprised by what Bellens says. “He is only announcing the principles of precaution recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Remember that nothing has been proven about the harmfulness of GSM. As for it being better to surf with Wi-Fi, this is logically tied to the launch of our public Wi-Fi network with Fon.”

We now hope that others will follow the example of Bellens. We look forward impatiently to the big tobacco companies recognizing loud and clear that tobacco seriously damages health.

“Be careful.” BELGA

Original article in French : http://www.sudinfo.be/248245/article/actualite/belgique/2011-11-25/didier-bellens-le-boss-de-belgacom-explique%C2%A0que-le-gsm-c%E2%80%99est-dangereux

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