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20 January 2013

The Baby Scope App

Application use with iPad.
Placing iPhone/iPad products on this blog may be a form of publicity, inciting people to buy these devices and applications without giving thought to possible health risks.  It would seem that companies and entrepreneurs are developing gadgets and especially, applications, which the consumer rushes out to buy because it's the latest craze or because it's "cute".  

One of the latest such applications is "The Baby Scope App", used with an iPhone/iPad microphone which allows an expecting mother to hear her baby's heartbeat during pregnancy.  The application is ranked second on the top Paid list and 4th on the Grossing list in the United Kingdom.

According to instructions:
"The application should only be used at "Air Plane" mode to avoid any redundant waves emission.  The application does not use any communication capability like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.  It only uses the internal microphone." 

If a mother does not use the "Air Plane" mode, she will be exposing her baby to harmful microwave radiation which could cause autism and developmental/ behavioral problems in her baby.


  1. I have this app and I think you are trashing it for no good reason since as a product, it's doing more than enough to alarm the risks of miss usage - on top of the instructions which you CAN overlook, every time you use the app you get a full screen pop up reminder of "don't forget to use AIRPLANE MODE", something which is impossible to miss!


    1. We appreciate your comment. This is the kind of feedback we are looking for.


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