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25 February 2013

French Lawmakers Bury Bill on Electromagnetic Emissions Risks

France's Digital Economy Minister,
Fleur Pellerin
French lawmakers bury bill on emissions risks 
Telecom Paper, 4 February 2013

France's national assembly has sent back to committee with no debate a bill on the precautionary principle for electromagnetic emissions risks, effectively burying it for at least a year, reports 01net. Environmentalist deputies sought to apply by precaution rules such as banning the ues of Wi-Fi in kindergartens and schools, and limiting antenna strength to 1 V/m. Digital Economy minister Fleur Pellerin recently said that studies on the risks of emissions are contradictory and that irrational fears could not be allowed to block France's economic and technological development. The EELV group deputies said they felt "frustrated and disappointed" when some passages of the text were removed before the bill was returned to committee. They later blamed the Socialists for reneging on a campaign promise. Consumer organisations Priartem, Agir pour l'Environnement and Collectif des electrosensibles des France wrote an open letter to the prime minister to remind readers of the importance of the precautionary principle, citing asbestos.


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