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02 March 2013

Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) Tags Are Turning Schools into Electronic Concentration Camps

In this video, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, consumer privacy advocate and spokesperson against radio-frequency identification (RFID) talks about Texas schools imposing wearing of RFID tags of its students to track their location. This is turning schools into “electronic concentration camps”. 

Schools Are Becoming Electronic Concentration Camps - 21 min. - 28 February 2013

Dr. Albrecht is a breast cancer “survivor”. “I would never put [an RFID tag] around my neck… Girls between the ages of 12 and 17 are wearing an electromagnetic beacon between their breasts which is sending out a pulse every 25 seconds throughout the day.” She talks about the many studies carried out on the health effects of micro-chipped animals who developed cancer around the chips. The studies confirmed that the chip caused the cancer. The insurance company, Blue Cross/Blue Shield conducted a trial in which microchips were placed in diabetic patients. (See article here.)  The chips were, thankfully, removed.

This is a serious health and security issue. Children could be tracked outside of school by a “stalker” who could obtain the names and details of children. Micro-tagging is also a lucrative business. For 4,200 children, the implementing company received a $200,000 contract.

A broad coalition has been formed on the issues of privacy and civil liberties, such as this one.

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