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25 March 2013

Victims of Electrosmog Reveal Their Everyday Reality

The gap between general perception and reality grows wider day by day. Here is an interesting testimony – not very reassuring – from Barbara Eidling, the person responsible for the hotline at the association, “Die Bürgerwelle” in Germany. (Text translated from French.)

Victims of Electrosmog Reveal Their Everyday Reality Bürgerwelle Zeitung 1/2013 (The original text in German, was translated into French by ARA (www.alerte.ch).

Thanks to the “Bürgerwelle” hotline for which I’ve been responsible for more than a decade, I have become aware of the spectacular increase in health problems due to the effects of the new wireless technologies.

Every day I receive calls for help from affected persons. Their number is constantly increasing. For them, escape from waves is almost no longer possible, whether it be in their workplace, in universities, in schools, in kindergartens, or in apartments in residential areas. DECT phones, Wi-Fi, power line transmissions, (PLC), LTE mobile phone antennas and smartphones are nearly everywhere.

Studies interrupted due to Wi-Fi radiation at university

Just a few days ago, a 21-year-old student called me. He said that he could no longer work at his university, given his exposure to Wi-Fi and that he may be forced to abandon his studies. A growing number of callers are expressing serious thoughts of suicide. These people are so desperate that they often burst into tears over the phone. You may be wondering how I can determine real distress. People have been pushed to the limit for different reasons. I think that my professional competence, combined with many years of contact with people needing assistance, allows me to evaluate the situation in most cases.

Increasingly younger people are affected by health problems. Limited in their mobility by radiation, without having completed their education, without employment and living in unhealthy housing, they hardly have any future perspectives or quality of life.

As critics of wireless technologies, what message should we be sending?

I understand that people in good health, but ill-informed, have confidence in the authorities and politicians and do not recognize the problems of wireless technology. But the critics of wireless, with full knowledge of the facts, who are demanding stricter limit values from politicians and are committed to the advancement of these technologies, are heading for disaster. Even if these demands are based on compromise, they do not achieve real results. The government persists in imposing wireless in the face of all opposition. As for the general public, they think – unjustly – that they are sufficiently protected by the proposed limit values. This action only works against our cause.

Watering down of the new Freiburg Appeal 

Another example of counter-productivity is the weakening of the 2012 doctors’ appeal. This appeal, which we published in the “Bürgerwelle” newsletter, has been signed by many people. When some of them later discovered that the demands formulated in the appeal had been weakened, they demonstrated their disagreement by withdrawing their signature.

The demands of the BioInitiative Report 2012 

The BioInitiative Report demands both a limit of 1,000 µW/m² outside and around 100 µW/m² indoors. On the other hand, it proposes a limit of 0.3 to 0.6 µW/m² for sensitive persons. Demanding 1,000 µW/m² is a step in the right direction but this value is unfortunately still much too high in relation to actual knowledge. The limit of 0.3 to 0.6 µW/m² is much better adapted to the problem. Given that we meet sensitive people everywhere, these values should actually be widely used in all buildings.

Only a coherent position will really serve to protect us from electromagnetic disturbances

From the point of view of “Bürgerwelle”, the organization critical of wireless, health must remain the first priority. Consequently, we cannot and will not accept any compromise motivated by political and economic interests. We maintain our demands firmly based on practical experience. Here are two examples illustrating our position:

- If a neighbor places a DECT phone against the wall next to our apartment, the radiation is reduced to 1,000 µW/m² at a distance of around 1.5 meters from the telephone, given the mitigating effect of the wall.

- The usual radiation from mobile phone antennas already has negative effects between 0.01 and hundreds of µW/m², according to people’s individual sensitivities. Levels exceeding 1,000 µW/m² are somewhat rare but in the long term, they can also be too high for people who (apparently) are non-sensitive.

It is very urgent to adopt a position of coherent opposition regarding wireless technologies which are actually very toxic. This evidence is confirmed daily by my telephone consultations.

Article from Bürgerwelle Zeitung 1/2013, original text in German, translated by ARA.

German text, pp. 6-7texte original en allemand, traduit par l'ARA.

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