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02 July 2013

Switzerland: Discussion Between an Electrohypersensitive Person and the Head of the Federal Bureau for the Equality of Persons With Disabilities

Following is a recent discussion between Mr. Sosthène Berger, an electrohypersensitive person and Mr. Andreas Rieder, the person responsible for the the Federal Bureau for the Equality of Persons with Disabilities (Bureau fédéral de l'égalité pour les personnes handicapées (BFEH), Federal Department of the Interior, Bern, Switzerland. It concerns “the new handicap” provoked by electromagnetic activity. The exchange opens with the reply from Mr. Berger to Mr. Rieder’s letter. (Translated from French by the Editor of this blog.)

Subject: EHS is not at all recognized as a handicap in Switzerland
Date: 17 June 2013

Dear Mr. Rieder,

Thank you for your reply which merits being clear and honest.

Summing up the situation, EHS persons are a minority – 3 to 35% of the population, according to severity and various sources – whom we ridicule before the magnitude of current electromagnetic pollution and the fantastic profits it is generating. Note that countries like Sweden or Germany, recognize the microwave syndrome as a handicap or illness…

These same persons with EHS do not even have the support of [Swiss] federal law to defend themselves in spite of the fact that it specifies this. See the Federal Law on the Protection of the Environment 814.01, in particular art. 13 : . (http://www.admin.ch/opc/fr/classified-compilation/19830267/index.html)

[Art. 13 Limit values of emissions

1 The Federal Council enacts via decree the limit values of immissions applicable to the evaluation of harmful or uncomfortable damage.

2 In doing so, it equally takes into account the effect of immissions on categories of persons who are particularly sensitive, such as children, older persons and pregnant women.]

This is illegal discrimination in several respects and will become genocide in the medium term.

This is what we already know, but expressed by the Head of the Federal Bureau for Equality, it is more official!

We must thus await deaths (multiple cancers) and hundreds of thousands of handicapped persons (EHS, Alzheimer’s, autism, hyperactivity, epilepsy, diabetes, etc.) in order for the authorities to realize that the population is declining (“Science & Vie” already reports this phenomenon in its latest issue), probably due to widespread microwaves which were used as lethal weapons during the Cold War – and probably are still being used.

The lure of profit is much stronger than the health of citizens of a civilization in decline…

In the meantime, we should take precautionary measures and try to protect ourselves as well as our daughters aged 7 and 10 from this omnipresent pollution by means of expensive, impractical clothing in order to spare them from serious harm to their health. See: Microwaves Most Dangers.pdf attached [This presentation in two parts by Barrie Trower may be viewed here].

The psychologist you mention, whom I consulted more than a year ago has assured me that he could not do much for me and that protection and removal were the only issues. Carvanal every day!

Thank you for your honesty,

Sosthène BERGER
Ing. Dipl. HES


Reply from Mr. Rieder, 17 June 2013 to Mr. Berger’s letter of 21 April 2013 :

Dear Sir,

Unfortunately, it took more time that foreseen to reply to your letter. One of the reasons is that it is difficult to give an appropriate response to your very concrete request concerning a very particular situation. In fact, in the case of electromagnetic-hypersensitivity, the exceptional growth in the number and diversity of sources of electromagnetic fields currently makes their control extremely difficult. I thus regret to inform you that in spite of our efforts, it is not possible to act on your request.

The purpose of the law on equality for handicapped persons is in fact to create the necessary conditions to allow persons in situations of handicap to participate in the life of society. But this law does not furnish a specific basis for such a complex situation as yours. Wishing to find solutions based on the right to the law of equality in order to solve the difficulties with which you are confronted would be a vain undertaking . To promise you more would not be correct.

I can thus only advise you, with the help of your psychologist, your physician and, where appropriate, other concerned persons, to look for solutions adapted to your personal circumstances rather than to modify the general conditions of life in society. These solutions are, rather, in the domain of the right to social insurance instead of in equality for handicapped persons.

Much regretting not being able to give you a more detailed reply,

Yours faithfully,

Andreas Rieder

Responsable du BFEH
Département fédéral de l'intérieur DFI
Secrétariat général DFI
Bureau fédéral de l'égalité pour
les personnes handicapées BFEH


Letter from Mr. Berger to Mr. Rieder, 21 April 2013:

Dear Mr. Rieder,

Physical or mental handicaps are most varied and I am not going to discuss them with you, as you are the specialist in this domain.

However, there is a new one which I have been suffering from over the last two years.

I invite you to read what follows…


For several years, I have seen my health diminish, in spite of a healthy lifestyle and good physical condition. I was then 46 years old. Multiple physical and functional disorders appeared, such as sleep disturbances, tinnitus, chronic headaches, dizziness, fainting, cardiac and muscular palpitations, mood disturbances with apathy following outbursts of anger, purpura, bleeding of the gums, tooth aches, decline in blood count (cholesterols), regular lowering of thrombocytes, loss of body mass, etc.

After a difficult and lengthy reflection and many consultations and medical analyses, I have begun to protect myself from the high-frequency electromagnetic fields of mobile phones and other devices.

The only change in my life-style has been to protect myself from electromagnetic radiation. From then on, the physiological parameters set out above have returned to normal and the functional troubles have all disappeared with the exception of tinnitus. My body weight has return to what it was – normal.

Blood test results provide clear evidence that electrosmog affects my body: the relationship between LDL and HDL has returned to normal, as it was when I was 30 (the “good cholesterol has doubled and the “bad” has decreased one-third), the thrombocytes, which since 2005 were decreasing and had reached the lowest limit allowable without the hematologist being able to explain the cause, have risen by 11’000 in six months.

Out of 7 physicians consulted, there were two who admitted not knowing precisely the effects of microwaves on human physiology (one of whom was the hematologist) and two others who recognized that microwaves could have a harmful effect depending on the individual. The other doctors as a whole denied everything.

The EHS syndrome is not a mental illness and that has been confirmed by a professional psychologist whom I consulted at the recommendation of my family doctor. The psychologist is certain about this. The only advice he could give me is to accept others staring at my protective clothing or accept to be more or less excluded from our society which has created this electronic pollution.


Passive telephony is a problem that leads to social exclusion of a person suffering from EHS.

The civic consequences are extremely serious and include:

-major damage to health
-deprivation of freedom of dress due to the obligatory wearing of protective clothing covering the whole body, including the head, even in summer temperatures
-deprivation of geographical freedom in the city as well as the country due to multiple coverage (at least three operators) of our territory by mobile telephony
-deprivation of citizen’s rights, given that all public offices, courts, stations, the police, hospitals, schools, etc. have WiFi installations, cordless DECT phones, without counting the cell phones of the personnel.
-loss of paid employment (which has been my case)
-marital problems, separation or divorce
-impossibility of assuming part of parental responsibilities

Thus, by the present letter, under the Federal Law on elimination of inequalities affecting handicapped persons (RS 151.3) which stipulates:

Art. 1 Purpose
1 The purpose of the current law is to prevent, reduce or eliminate the inequalities which affect handicapped persons.
2 It creates the conditions necessary for facilitating the participation in social life of handicapped persons, by assisting them notably to be autonomous in the establishment of social contacts, in the achievement of training, and in the exercise of a professional activity.

I am requesting you to let me know the steps to take in order to benefit from assistance foreseen by law, notably:

1/ Helping me to assume the considerable expenses required for my protection and
2/ Concerning administrative services (garbage disposal sites, communal and cantonal offices, police stations, auto services etc.) which are no longer accessible to me due to the many devices functioning at hyperfrequencies in these places.

You will find in these questions an interesting challenge concerning a new handicap provoked by the unbridled electromagnetic activity generated by man, to the serious detriment of a growing part of the population.

Yours respectfully,

Sosthène BERGER
Ing. Dipl. HES


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