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27 August 2013

Swiss National TV Program Gives Impression the Use of iPhones and Tablets by Babies and Very Young Children is Cute and Gives Children a Technological Advantage

On 25 August 2013, the program on Swiss National Television (RTS1), "Mise au Point", presented a short documentary on "Screens for babies, attention:  danger?"  If the Swiss Government stresses the importance of educating the population about electrosmog, it should also control this type of "advertising" of the use of iPhones and iPads by babies. In the program, it was stated that "no research on the effect of tablets on very young children" exists.  To be fair, it did mention some potential dangers:  the possibility of addiction, behavioral difficulties, isolation of children playing with these devices, but it also gave the impression of the total ignorance of parents and educators about potential health effects on babies and very young children using this technology.

I sent the following comment to the producers of the program:

Comment on "Mise au Point – Ecrans pour bébés, attention danger ?" 

Your program on the use of tablets and iPhones by babies and very young children gives the false impression that these gadgets are harmless.  Using a protection case for iPhone or iPad or a tablet as a "toy" is neither cute nor a way of giving a child a technological advantage.  Moreover, these gadgets represent a danger for the child's health if they are connected to Wi-Fi, which emits electromagnetic waves, classified as possibly carcinogenic by WHO, a fact that you failed to mention.

To quote Michelle Rivasi, Deputy in the European Parliament and Vice-President of Criirem (the Center for Independent Research and Information on Electromagnetic Radiation):
"Wi-Fi is already installed in many classrooms... And the electromagnetic waves that Wi-Fi mobilizes, notably for the use of tablets, are at the heart of associated concerns.  The international BioInitiative Report identified all the studies illustrating the associated risks:  1,800 works reporting DNA damage, neurotoxicity, risk of cancer and impact on the quality of sperm... Children are particularly vulnerable : their smaller skulls are less protective of their brains and their bodies comprise a large number of dividing cells, which makes them more fragile."

See ARA:  Association romande alerte aux ondes électromagnétiques (www.alerte.ch) - advocacy group in French-speaking Switzerland.

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