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20 October 2013

Breast Against Cell Phone: Danger

Breast Against Cell Phone:  Danger
by Meris Michaels, Tribune de Genève (readers' comments)
19-20 October 2013

Breast cancer in young women is increasing in Geneva.  This trend has been confirmed by studies in other parts of Europe.   Could one of the reasons be the habit of young women of keeping their cell phone tucked in their bra?  The makers of cell phones warn users to avoid direct contact with the skin.  The manual of Apple, for example, advises keeping one’s iPhone at a distance of 5/8 of an inch from the body, since these devices emit electromagnetic radiation, classified as a possible human carcinogen by the World Health Organization.  In the United States, doctors are seeing more and more breast cancer in women aged 21 to 39, who have no genetic predisposition to cancer but who, for several years, have been carrying their cell phone in their bra for part of the day.  These tumors are sometimes aggressive and, in spite of a mastectomy, the cancer metastasizes.  Keeping a cell phone in the bra is more common than one would think among young women:  during jogging, driving a car, hiding it at school and at work… Raising awareness of young women of the risks of this practice must now be a part of campaigns for the prevention of breast cancer.

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