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04 November 2013

France: A Zone without Waves for the Electrohypersensitive

The Chartreuse of Durbon, site which could be a future white zone.
Michèle Rivasi is in the center of the photo, in red.
A Space without Waves for the Electrohypersensitive
by Véronique Oury, ledauphine.com, 31 October 2013 (translated from French by the Editor of this blog.)

« Conditions are not completely perfect, but are quite ideal and very favorable for setting up something.” Pierre Le Ruz, President of Criirem (Center for Independent Research and Information on Electromagnetic Radiation), is quite satisfied. Since Tuesday, he has made a number of measurements on the site of Durbon where the Euro-Deputy (Europe Ecology The Greens) Michèle Rivasi wished to establish a white zone destined for electrohypersensitive persons (EHS). “It is a very important project. No white zone exists in France, or even in Europe, while where are more and more EHS persons,” the Euro-Deputy explained yesterday during a press conference to present the project.

« Persons with great suffering »

The choice of the commune of Saint-Julien-en-Beauchêne isn’t by chance. It is here, in another hamlet, that two EHS persons came to seek refuge in a cave in 2011 in order to escape the waves which are ruining their lives. “As an elected official, but also as a human being, this cried out to me. I have met persons with great suffering. It seemed to me important to look for places where they would be able to live,” explains Jean-Claude Gast, the mayor of Saint-Julien. He thus thought of Durbon where the Family Benefits Fund (CAF) of Marseille has three sites destined for children. One of them, that of the “Chartreuse” has been closed for three years because it is no longer within norms.

The CAF says it is ready to share the premises. The idea is to make it not only a place to receive people, but also for medical monitoring. “A site where one can recharge for a time. And where one can also come to better understand and reduce this suffering.”

Thanks to the regional council which has financed 80% of the study, the measurements have thus been taken on the site to verify that it is free of waves. The results are quite promising, even if an electrical line and transformer have to be buried.

The following stage will be to lead electrohypersensitive persons to the site « in order to see how they feel there. “We cannot commit ourselves if they feel unwell,” says Michèle Rivasi. Then, it is necessary to meet with all the financers in order to implement the project. For the Euro-Deputy, “it is important to advance gradually, but collectively.”

« Without the willingness of the State, this zone will not see the light of day »

Philippe Tribaudeau, President of the association “A Land for the EHS”, with 184 EHS persons among its several hundred members, is convinced: “A project such as this is great. We can clear an area like this. But without the willingness of the State, this zone will not see the light of day. It must recognize that there is a problem with waves. And it is up to the State to tell the operators that there is no obligation to cover the whole planet.”

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