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28 February 2014

Quebec: Testimony of Electrosensitivity

Quebec: Testimony of electrosensitivity
Coalition québécoise de lutte contre la pollution électromagnétique - www.cqlpe.ca, February 2014 (translated from French)

"My problems started with dizziness. I had been for a month stunned by the slightest movement, I could not move, extend or bend without having the impression of being on a carousel rotating at breakneck speed. Then there were strong headaches. The sides of my head were swollen, my glasses felt like they were sinking into the head and remained dug in when I withdrew them. I could also feel a large swelling behind my head that was unusual. Then my tongue became numb. Shortly after, I started having heart palpitations when I was in the living room and near my bedroom. I also felt intense burning in the knees during the nighttime.

I have always had an excellent sleep, all my life, never problems of insomnia, but then I started to have insomnia! My sleep was interrupted, sometimes at 2:00 a.m., sometimes at 4:00 a.m. Completely electrified, I was unable to fall back to sleep! I awoke with blurred vision, with the contours of the eyes tingling and ears buzzing. As if whistling. My husband, aged 45 and in perfect health, also awakened at odd times with the same symptoms, but he saw his psoriasis become twice as bad, with spots like a leopard beginning to appear on his chest in addition to headaches and heart palpitations.

Every morning, I had the habit of doing my crossword puzzle, but then I was not even able place one word. I was also looking for my words when I spoke and lacked coherence. I was unable to do my job. I was tired all the time. I no longer participated in family conversations as before. I folded in upon myself. One morning I woke up with half my face numb. I was very very scared.

Meanwhile, my 10-year-old daughter, in perfect health, started to have a racing heart with very strong palpitations at in the evening when she went into her room to sleep. It seems as if she had run a race. She had insomnia, accompanied by headaches on a daily basis! I had to give her Tylenol every day (a 10-year-old!) . I took her to her pediatrician who conducted tests ​​as well as an electrocardiogram that revealed no problems. In the morning she went to school like a zombie. She was an excellent student and saw her academic performance plummet.

It sas at this time that I started to talk about our symptoms. It was recommended to inspect our environment, our lifestyle. Nothing had changed EXCEPT that I discovered that smart meters had been installed in the interior of the house where we lived. I had read that the owner had done something to fix the dual-energy heating system no more than a few months ago. This counter that had recently been installed was located above our bedroom on the second floor, inside the house (within 3 meters) and diagonally to my daughter's room and communicated with a router located on a pole in front of the house. I then did research to see if other persons had the same symptoms as we did. I discovered many! The cause of their health problems : one or more smart meters !

We had to leave this place which had become unbearable where we had been living for more than 7 years. We moved into a house WITHOUT a smart meter. We still have an old meter on wheels. No more insomnia, heart palpitations, headaches, our problems have mostly disappeared, except the electrosensitivity. I cannot be in the presence of Wi-Fi, it gives me great pain, I start aching with headaches and heart palpitations. When I spend more than fifteen minutes on a computer, I feel shocks in the hand which uses the mouse. If I go to public places where there is Wi-Fi, I feel it immediately. It is very unpleasant and I suffer, my legs block, my tongue becomes numb, and I feel strong pressure pulling at the base of the neck. The proximity of cell phones also greatly upsets me, it seems that the heart wants to leap out of the chest and it causes me very great discomfort. My daughter who is now 12 has the same symptoms but less strong. At her young age, the damaged cells are able to regenerate.

I can hardly go out in public places since WI-FI is almost everywhere (bus, universities, cafes, medical clinics, dental clinics, etc.) And everyone is glued to their cell phones. I cannot take any more contracts outside the home for my work. Today, I cannot go into large companies for the development of training. I am barely able to go to grocery stores where I'm only able to stay 20 minutes maximum, otherwise it will take me the rest of the day to recover. I am isolated, almost reclusive. I find this situation deplorable. I never wished this, even on my worst enemy."

Valerie B.

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